Welcome! Here's a Little About Me

In this introduction video for Matt Fradd's new Ascension Presents channel, Matt tells us a little bit about himself. He discusses seven of his favorite things, some of which may surprise you. He also gives a little sneak peak into what his new channel will be about. For starters, it's going to have some powerful philosophical truth.

How to Argue on Social Media

In this inaugural video from Matt Fradd's new Ascension Presents channel, Matt dissects the three most common logical fallacies: ad hominem, strawman, and appeal to authority, while showing how to engage in arguments on social media with charity. He explains exactly why these three errors in logic are deviations from the truth, and reminds us that the goal of every argument should be to discover the truth.

How to Argue Well

Contrary to common opinion, arguing—when done with charity and gentleness—is actually oftentimes an effective way to get to the truth. In this video, Matt Fradd makes the argument for argumentation, while distinguishing it from argumentativeness. In addition to his straightforward logic regarding the matter, he gives biblical support from St. Paul, and you can't argue with that.

Discovering God's Will

St. Catherine of Siena is known for saying, “Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.” In this video, Matt Fradd seconds that notion and encourages us to be the person our deepest desires tell us to be, because that's the person God wants us to be. God gives us those desires so we can pursue them, and we're only going to waste our lives if we live as anyone other than who God made us to be.