Why I No Longer Work for Covenant Eyes . . . but Still Promote the Heck Out of Them


Several months back I decided to part ways with Covenant Eyes in order to dedicate my time solely to The Porn Effect (a website for teens and young adults) and Integrity Restored (a site for families and clergy).

I’m happy with the move since I feel the work cut out for us in the Church in the battle against porn isn’t likely to go away any time soon (though it’d be nice if we could work ourselves out of a job!), and the two websites/apostolates I now run on a full-time basis I think will be a huge asset to many people.

Covenant Eyes is Awesome

All of that said, so long as Covenant Eyes remains the best accountability and filtering software on the web (and currently they are, by a long shot!), I’ll continue to promote it to everyone who accesses the internet (like you . . . unless someone printed this out and sent it to you via carrier pigeons).

Furthermore, and no one’s paying me to say this, promise :), the men and women at Covenant Eyes are some of the best people I’ve ever met. Faithful, intelligent (their main blog writer, Luke Gilkerson, knows more about porn and it’s effects than any sane man should!), and determined not to let money get in the way (which is why they have a policy that if someone can’t afford CE they’ll put you on their hardship program and let you have it for FREE!).

When I flew up there a few years ago for my initial interview, I was told by someone that the founder and executive, Ron Dehass, had been “praying and fasting a lot about this decision.” That was my experience the whole time I worked there. They’re good, moral people who are determined to help people remain porn free. These guys want to impact culture, and they’ve got the determination and professionalism to do that. So let’s keep their work in prayer.

The 1 Reason People Give For No Signing Up

Okay. I want to end this blog by blowing apart the number one reason people give me for not signing up to Covenant Eyes—that it’s not a 100% guarantee that you won’t see porn and that your accountability partner will get alerted if and when you do see it. Besides, they say, “if I really wanted to, I could probably get around it.”

There’s two parts to this argument so let’s deal with them one at a time.

1. Not a 100% Guarantee

This is a lame argument, not because it’s not true (while CE software is getting better all the time, it’s possible that you might stumble across something pornographic or semi-pornographic and your accountability partner not find out), but because we’d never use that line of reasoning in other similar cases such as the following:

You wouldn’t say that about a home security system, or putting basic locks on the doors—”Unless you can guarantee me that in buying these locks I will NEVER get robbed, I’ll just have to settle for my doors never being locked.”

Or when it comes to your kids, “unless you can guarantee me this bike helmet will protect them from every and all head-injuries, I’m not getting one, they’ll have to ride without one.


In both examples you do you and your family a massive disservice by choosing not to protect your home or your kids heads. CE may not be 100% foolproof, but you’re in a much better spot with it than without it.

2. I Could Get Around it if I Tried

This, I’m sure, is also true, but 1. Covenant Eyes never promised to be your Net Nanny (sorry . . . couldn’t resist. NN also has awesome filtering by the way), it promised to keep you accountable if that’s something you wanted. So while it might be true (I’ve never tried) that you could see some stuff without the filter blocking you, or your accountability partner getting an alert, the fact is you probably won’t see anything hardcore, and that is, eventually, what most people who watch porn want to see.

In other words, you may be able to skirt around the edges for a while before your accountability partner get’s flagged, but eventually if you cross over the line into hardcore stuff, they’ll almost certainly find out.

So there you go. Go get Covenant Eyes and protect yourself and your family.

4 thoughts on “Why I No Longer Work for Covenant Eyes . . . but Still Promote the Heck Out of Them

  1. mat- it is always amazing to see that — most carnal issues are delt with a system — that does not include – being baptised in the Holy Spirit- and fpraying in tongues — with will energize your “spirit man”as in Jude 19– that a person actually will increase his spirit awareness — of course if you include franklin Hall’s teaching of “the atomic power of fasting” or maybe the fasting prayer..

    But as i have lived with the Brothers of the holy cross- for 3 years in High school– and they were not able to help and identify ways to over come the “natural man” puberty development.. and 50 years later — still the same problem =- without a spiritual solution

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