What I’m Working on This Year

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The Lord is risen, Alleluia!

Thanks for being here. I wanted to give you an update on what I’ve been doing and some of the projects I plan to accomplish this year.

My wife Cameron and I just bought our first home in Georgia, north of Atlanta. Since we were married nine years ago, we’ve moved eight times. Eight times. Eight times. We have four kids. Yes, we’re exhausted. It’s good to finally settle down somewhat.

This year I’ve been busy. I’ll speak to well over 60,000 teens and young adults (as well as some adult conferences) on pornography, and different Christian apologetic topics.

My main focus, however, is on pornography. For the last several years I have spoken at Steubenville youth conferences around the country (they do an amazing job!), and each time I was there, speaking to groups in the thousands, usually giving the basic gospel message, I couldn’t shake the thought that many of these teens who were looking up at me, were (and are) immersed in hard-core pornography.

Why I’m Fighting Porn

What does hard-core pornography do to someone? I’m convinced, to borrow an analogy from St. Bonaventure, that it, as it were, bends us over on ourselves, making us less able to perceive, from the goodness and beauty of created things, the creator (Wisdom 13:5). It perverts the intellect and weakens our wills. Conversely, I’m convinced that the man or woman who decides porn is an abomination, and fights to be free of it, will become more open to the grace of God and the Gospel. [1] I’ve had more than one conversation with people who once considered themselves atheists, but who, after deciding porn was immoral, are more inclined to say they are agnostics. For how does one explain the immorality of porn? If people have no intrinsic worth, how can you speak of degrading them? You can’t degrade what has no grade, no worth, to begin with.

So. That was a long way of saying, this is why I’m focusing on this area of pornography.

This year I will be releasing three books. Here’s a little about each.

1. A book and app for teens

In  few weeks, Mark Hart (from Lifeteen) and I will be releasing an awesome book for teens and young adults on how to be free of porn. The book will be accompanied by an app, and the two will go hand in hand. It’s going to be awesome, way cooler than what you’re probably thinking; but, alas, I can’t reveal anything more at this time. Stay tuned!

2. A book for wives

Many of you have heard of, and read, my book Delivered, which is a book of true stories from men and women who were addicted to porn and who have found, to some degree or another, freedom from it. We released it just over a year ago now and it’s been awesome to see how well it’s done. Over 50,000 copies sold. The reason for this (apart from it being a great book!) is that we sold it for $2 a copy when it was bough in bulk (20 copies).

So, this new book for wives will be similar. It’s a book that my wife and I are both putting together. Instead of stories from men and women who found freedom from porn, this will be a book of stories of wives who have suffered the betrayal and trauma (some suffer PTSD) due their husbands porn use. These stories are, Wow! I don’t think we read one that didn’t bring us to tears. They’re heart-wrenching but ultimately hopeful. Women—wives, I mean—are the forgotten wounded in the carnage porn is wreaking in our society. It’s high-time we reached out to them with love and understanding. This book will also be sold for $2 in bulk. Should be out this fall.

3. A book that responds to porn from a secular point of view

I’m writing a book for Ignatius Press that we might be calling The Porn Myth. In it I’m going to make the case against porn with logic, anecdotes, and statistics. This is going to be a ridiculously well researched book that will not bring faith, God, Jesus, or Church teaching into my arguments at all. So if you know someone who might be open to hearing why porn is a grave social ill which is corrupting individuals, relationships, and society at large, this will be the book you’re gonna want to give them.

Prayers, please.

If you would be so kind as to remember me (and my family) in your prayers throughout this year, I’d greatly appreciate it. If you’d like to lear more about how I’m working (with the help of a whole lot of awesome people) see my site The Porn Effect

Totus Tuus Maria


[1] Don’t read between the lines. I’m not saying that atheists are atheists because they look at porn. Obviously there are many morally upright atheists who are atheists for intellectual reasons.



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  1. Congratulations Mr. Fradd ! If you are ever in Pensacola come to visit me/us here at St. Stephen the Home of the Gregorian (Tridentine) Rite of the Mass in this Diocese. Thanks for all your wonderful and incisive posts. God bless you and your family. Pray for you each day.

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