What if Superman Punched You?


One of the reasons I so enjoy comic books, and enjoy reading them to my children, is the philosophical discussions they elicit:

Who’d win in a 100 meter sprint, Superman or Flash?

What would Batman be like with Green Lantern’s ring?

How would Superman fare in a fight against Yoda if lightsabers can cut through steel?

Well here’s another interesting question. What would happen if Superman punched you in the face?

For those of you cool enough to care; enjoy seeing Superman, Man of Steel tomorrow!

7 thoughts on “What if Superman Punched You?

  1. “Superman wouldn’t just knock the wind out of you. Oh no, he would knock the Atoms out of you. His fist has essentially become a particle beam.”

    There’s no way I am the only one who came here expecting a Thomastic approach the answering the existential questions contained within comic books.

    Thanks Matt for being full of surprises!

    1. According to the video you wouldn’t see it coming though, so I guess you would have to consider it a privilege after the fact. As in, after you were vaporized into elementary particles and with the Lord.
      I wonder what it would take to induce Super Man to punch you in the face?

      1. “After you were vaporized into elementary particles and with the Lord.” XD Haaaahaaaa! Love it. I’d just have to look back on my life and think “dude! What a privelige it was to get brayed by Superman” lol! I suppose in my case, my endless impressions of Rick from The Yound Ones impression would be enough to induce Superman to punch me in the face.

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