Here are some video’s of me either being interviewed or giving one of my presentations. To learn how you can book me for your next event, click here.

What Do You Seek?

This was a talk I gave to 10,000 college students at SEEK 2015. In in I talk about how I came to Christ after several years of agnosticism.

The Journey Home

Marcus Grodi interviews me on his EWTN show, The Journey Home, about how I came home to Rome.

How to Argue Well: An Interview with Brandon Vogt

In this interview Brandon Vogt interviews me about a DVD I created, How to Win an Argument Without Losing a Soul. 

Pornography: 10 Myths Exposed

I was invited to address the student body at Franciscan University of Steubenville on pornography. I decided to address 10 common falsehoods many people (including Catholics) tend to believe about pornography.

Caffeinated Conversations

This is a fun/zany interview I did with Maria Mitchell from Ascension Presents. In it we discuss everything from solipsism to the problem with porn.

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