Uncommon Photos Of John Paul the Great

I’m always disappointed when I turn to the shiny pages in the middle of a Pope John Paul book only to see photos that I’ve seen a million times before. So in spirit of spending my time wisely, I’ve spent the past hour mining the internet for uncommon photos of the big man. Here are ten of them.

If you’re looking for a book to celebrate the canonization of John Paul the Great, get Jason Evert’s new book, Saint John Paul the Great. I bought it for lent, read it with my wife, loved it.

Oh, and to all of my friends partying it up in Rome this week; totally offended you took your spouse/brother/sister/parent/friend instead of me.



JP skying


jpii hipster beanie

jpii hipster glasses

Cardinal Wojtyla With Little Girls


12 thoughts on “Uncommon Photos Of John Paul the Great

  1. The photos are great. Would love some narrative, though, to give them some context. Plan to forward this on to my kids’ teachers so they can show their classes as they study the canonizations this coming week!

  2. I have followed St. John Paul 11 for a long time. In some ways he was a mentor to me. I love the very human side of him and mostly for his holiness. He has preached “Be not afraid”. I try hard in my faith everyday
    .God Bless St. John Paul.

  3. Matt, I love these photos. I have seen some in George Weigel’s books. My son, Peter, at age 15, researched the life of Karol Wojtyla in order to do a ten minute solo performance as the Pope. Now he’s 18 and interested in Apologetics which he studies on his own. St. Karol Wojtyla has had a huge impact on our family!! God bless.

  4. Thank you Matt Fradd, for these special great pictures of St. John Paul II. I prayed to him for his intercession to our Lord, even before he was canonized. We are so lucky to had live on the time of his papacy.

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