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  1. G’day Matt, thanks for Trinity Ebook. I recall reading this as a blog.
    Although you provide good catholic background in terms of the trinity shield, athanasian creed and the sample conversation with Liam (love it), I still think the explanations given will not really quench the thirst (particularly someone not familiar with the faith) to understand the trinity. All they have is a formula of statements.
    I still think there is a place to describe this as a mystery. I have kids and I always start my explanation with “this is not a perfect explanation BUT to help you understand, picture this…” at which point I may use the water/ice/steam example or the father/son/uncle example. These are all imperfect but we do not have anything else we can point to help kids make sense of it is something they are familiar with. I agree we need to be clear though so as not to make matters worse…
    Picture my 8 yo asking about good Friday when Jesus is on the cross and cries out “Father why have you forsaken me?”
    My son: “who’s Jesus talking to dad? He IS God!
    Never an easy discussion that must be agreed…

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