The Technology-Free Weekend Challenge—Read if You Dare



I can’t wait until someone much smarter and better at writing than me writes what I’m about to here.


The Technology TakeOver


Technology is taking over our lives. False. Technology has taken over our lives. What was designed to save us time has spun us into a frenzy.


I wake up, I reach for my phone. I check Twitter. I check Instagram. I check my email. What am I looking for? Why can’t this wait? It can, of course; but I’m like an addict. I mindlessly open my phone and bounce around from app to app to app. I do it all day long. And then I see people on their phones and think, “how sad that they are on their phone in front of their kids.” . . . While I’m on my phone in front of my kids.


Going Nuclear


So. I’ve been doing something of late that’s been both terrifying and amazing. I’ve been giving up technology on the weekends. I don’t mean that I put my phone and laptop into a drawer and then not touch them all weekend—I do not have the self-control for that. I mean I throw my technology into a bag and drop it off at a friends house. I give it to him Friday afternoon and say, “do NOT give this back to me until Monday morning.”

‘Dude, isn’t that going overboard?’ Yes, but so is my compulsive need to distract myself from myself. From the mundane, from what annoys me, from what makes demands on me.

Today is Friday. So right now I’m feeling anxious. I’m giving away my drug for the weekend. As soon as I back out of my friends house, technology free, I almost always reach for my phone. I keep thinking of ‘brilliant’ tweets the world HAS to see NOW! Throughout the weekend I wonder how I will survive washing the dishes without listening to podcasts. Is it even possible?


The Upside


But here’s why I do it: I get to be play with my children without there being a part of my brain wanting them to go play by themselves so I can see how many people on Twitter like me. I get to read books. The one’s with paper, without hyperlinks. I get to pray. I get to feel bored. The days are longer. I ask in the mornings, “what should we do today?” It’s great. It’s scary. It’s more great than scary.


The Challenge


Give up your technology this weekend. And then on Monday, tell me about your experience in the comment section below.


Ps, if I tweet or post to FB this weekend it’s an automated thing I use. Not me. Before you all judge me like good Catholics. 🙂


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