The Very Last Letter of St. Maximilian Kolbe

KolbeOn the 15th of June, 1941—just under two months from his execution—St. Maximilian Kolbe wrote the following letter to his Mother from Auschwitz.

It’s the last letter preserved (by his Mother, Maria Kolbe) that came from his hand:

“My dearest Mom,

Towards the end of the month of May I reached the concentration camp of Auschwitz (Oswiecim) by rail convoy.

Everything is going well with me. Beloved Mom, don’t worry about me or about my health, because the good God is everywhere and with immense love he thinks about all of us and about everything. It would be best not to write to me u nil I send you another letter. I don’t know how long I shall remain here.

with heartfelt Greetings and a Kiss.”


5 thoughts on “The Very Last Letter of St. Maximilian Kolbe

  1. Such great faith allowed him to go with God not man-made hell on earth. Others like Bonhoeffer and Paul Schneider did the same. Let us pray for such faith!

  2. How inspiring it is to know that we are called and serve a God who sends us such Saints. Also I am sure that this great man would never have thought he was going to be canonized. One of the greatest of all God’s gift. May more people act out of love of God and know that their eternal reward is God’s alone to give.

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