The Bedrock of the Spiritual Life


Lately I’ve been beginning my daily prayer in the following way. I imagine myself before God the Father. He asks, “who are you?” And I respond, “I am yours.”

This is the foundation of the spiritual life. We are his. He loves us. Not “us” like a blob of humanity. He loves you. You! Awkward, anxious, wounded, beautiful you. But you don’t believe that. Not as much as you should.

We live in a turbulent times, don’t we? And all of us are looking for a foot hold, a tribe, a place we can belong. Whether that be youth group, the gym, or an atheist forum on Reddit. But as Christians, who we are in Christ is (or should be) the bed-rock of our lives.

Here’s a great quote I read recently from Fr. Ken Barker mgl:

“The self-help therapies of popular, humanistic psychology books would suggest that we can attain self-realization and self-fulfilment through our own efforts. They present a false gospel. The truth is that we will find the fulfilment intended for us only by turning to Christ Jesus.

Self realization will elude us if we try to attain it without Christ.”

So here’s a suggestion for you. The next time you sit down to pray here are three things you might say to our Lord:

  1. Tell me you love me, Jesus, and do not stop until this wounded heart believes you.
  2. I am yours and you are mine, Jesus.
  3. Who am I to you, dear Jesus?

Bless you, friends.

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