Pope_Francis_in_March_2013 15 Surprising Things Atheists are Saying about Pope Francis

Well, Pope Francis is on his way to the USA and people are talking! Including the media—which has it’s downsides. Sr. Helena Burns posted this funny meme today:   Whatever you might think of the Pope Francis, it’s hard to deny the... [Read more...]

Pope_Francis_in_March_2013 Pope Francis said WHAT at the 3rd Vatican Council?

I was contacted by a protestant friend of mine this morning who was quite disturbed by what Pope Francis had apparently said at the 3rd Vatican Council. “Let me stop you right there, I said…” He pointed me to a website. the following... [Read more...]

15 Amazing Quotes from Evangelii Gaudium

Pope Francis’ apostolic exhortation, Evangelii Gaudium, is beautiful. Simple, yet profound, and definitely worth your time. I read it to my wife tonight over a glass (or three) of wine. You should do likewise (unless you don’t have a wife,... [Read more...]

Pope Francis, Twitter, and Indulgences

A recent news headline read “Vatican offers ‘time off purgatory’ to followers of Pope Francis tweets.” The media has a tremendous gift of making anything spiritual sound stupid, don’t they? And so the subheading to this... [Read more...]

The Pope Said What About Atheists??

Yesterday, Pope Francis made some remarks about atheists wich have shocked some and scandalized others. An article in the Huffington Post, for example, read, “Pope Francis rocked some religious and atheist minds today when he declared that everyone... [Read more...]