Stephen Colbert Mocks Atheists

Last night, Stephen Colbert tackled American Atheists’ lawsuit against the National September 11 Memorial and Museum and its exhibit featuring a cross, a cross which some atheists claim causes “mental anguish”.

I thought he did a splendid job at mocking the stupidity of some (not all) of our fellow atheists.

Take a look and share your thoughts below.

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69 thoughts on “Stephen Colbert Mocks Atheists

  1. If your atheist and don’t believe in anything why would you care it’s nothing to you so why are you worried about it.

    1. “Why would you care it’s nothing to you”

      That is a silly and unreasonable statement, unthought out and crude. A) Because it isn’t true. To say it doesn’t affect us, that it doesn’t have a bearing on our lives and that we don’t have to see the effects of religion every day would be simply ignorant statements.

      B) When did it become acceptable to just not care? We are all in this together. Telling people to stop caring is dangerous and self-centred.

      Yes, people get out of control, people say or push for silly things. But unthought out backlash is just as unecessary as agitating for the sake of it.

      1. I see… so saying that a cross shouldn’t have meaning to you if you’re an atheist is “unthought out backlash” and is “dangerous” and “self-centered”. Well, that’s a reasonable stance. We wouldn’t want anyone with any differing viewpoints to endanger your bubble.

      2. You are right. Atheists do live with religion all around them every day. They deal with civilization. They deal with the rule of law. Wait, I get it. Atheists are moral parasites. They enjoy what Christianity has brought to the world and try to tear it down at the same time.

      3. @Amazed

        The same thing can be stated towards Christians and Satanic imagery. Imagery and worship do have an impact on everyone. It creates cultural diversity and propagates the us vs. them mentality. You see defending the word of god just as worthy of your own cause as Jeff has seen as being an Atheist. You’re willing to try to tear down someones beliefs and belittle them because those beliefs are not your own… In the name of god mind you. This is exactly why people have a problem with Christians. These behaviors are very hypocritical to the teachings.

        Moreover… Jeff never once attacked Julie… He simply defended a position and critiqued a statement. Yes he used ad hominem… however… Amazed… you on the other hand directly attacked Jeff (the poster) after you mockingly rephrased his position. Again… take a look at yourself before you throw stones.

      4. What a bunch of silly tripe you spew, atheists aren’t offended by religion, they seek only to destroy it. They don’t want it to exist anywhere, and if you want proof, just look at all the attempts to remove religion from every aspect of your life.

    2. Atheists don’t believe in anything? That’s a lie. We don’t believe in the magic man in the sky. Some people don’t realize that this is Stephen Colbert’s character, not his real views.

    3. Atheists believe lots of things. Just not in god’s’
      We prefer to have evidence to base our beliefs upon rather than superstitions and assumptions.

  2. Well now, has it not been said SOME CANNOT BEAR THE CROSS? At the same time I should be reminded that I need to carry my cross. It is difficult but I need to do more praying and LISTENING to the Lord.

  3. I LOVE IT!!!
    I don’t think atheists can hear how ridicules their claims are. IF they did, there would be fewer atheists …

    1. Atheists don’t make claims. They point to scientific proof. A ridiculous claim is something like a world-wide flood or a magical man in the sky who controls everything.

  4. Sounds like I need to pay attention to Colbert more often. How refreshing to hear some comic response to such a ludicrous proposal. His closing remark is priceless. Thanks for sharing this, Matt.

  5. Christians, specifically the Catholic Church, have murdered millions of theists and atheists alike in the last two millennium. The sign of the cross should be a sign of fear. From the Inquisition, the Crusades, and Pogroms, when the cross comes along, so does the blood of non-christians. The years have been littered with slaughtered Pagans, Jews, Protestants, Muslims, Atheists, Poles, Turks, Irish, Germans, Hungarians, Native Americans, etc. etc. 9/11 was caused by religious zealots, and having a symbol of other religious zealots should make many, not just atheists feel “mental anguish”.

    1. millions? [citation needed] even if you combine every inquisition over hundreds of years, we’re talking about some thousands, not millions.

      1. What about the billions or trillions of peole that religious-mercy saved?

        We cannot cuantize that number, hurts only to think about it. All mercy and cooperation ideas, comes mainly from religious teachings, even if you are an atheist, your moral rules might be put by religion, by parents, grandfathers or social pressure.

        I’m kinda agnostic, but atheist main statement of a “religion-that-only causes-war” comes from a simplistic view of the history and also from a core of inner frustations and resetment. Death is causes by human nature and exists with or without religion, where the last one kinda fights with that “nature”.

    2. This is a common response by those who wish to fight Christianity. The reality is that everyone was fighting one another in the times in which you refer, and many of those people were Christians. What is important is that the church recognizes when human leaders have erred in their actions in the past, but the core teachings haven’t changed. We are centered around the gospel, and Christ’s love, but that does not mean that humans in the church are perfect. I challenge you to name any other organization that has survived for over 2000 years and still has billions of members in the common day. Humans kill one another out of human nature, whether or not their religion (or lack of) comes into play is irrelevant unless that religion teaches murder, which Christianity does not.
      Peace be with you.

      1. Hinduism… Yep… it’s been around for at least the last 7000… and is widely practiced by billions. The argument of… well all these people are doing it so it must be right has never set well with me. After all look how many things we thought we knew throughout history to only find we were wrong.

      2. no one in the church is perfect, and i havent known anyone who thinks so. now, there are some churches (cults, for example) who probably beleive they are perfect, and i hope they figure it out that it is impossible for humans to be perfect

    3. Not mush of a history student are ya Greg. All of these atrocities that you mention were began because of greed, avarice, lust for power, desire for resources, and a driving need to control other people. Religion was merely the tool, the rallying point that the powerful used to deceive the weak, to garner support for their wars. Blaming religion for such deeds is the same think as holding a gun responsible for someone’s death and not the finger attached to the intellegent mind that decided to pull that trigger. If you fear the image of a cross my question to you is…are you a vampire….or is it just that you need to clean the sand out of your vagina?

      1. Woah there Timothy. Please be civil. Your last comment is inappropriate. Surely we can disagree without resorting to crudeness.

    4. Take the body count of the last century Greg. More have died because of atheistic philosophies than in all the religious wars of the last centuries combined. Yeah, I’ll take John Paul II over Stalin any day.

      But thats just me.

    5. Greg, how many Christians–and Jews–were killed by atheists in the 20th Century? Killed BECAUSE they were Christians or Jews?

      A little more history, Greg, and you might begin to wonder if it is religion that causes people to kill people by the tens of thousands, or if it is the lack of religion that causes people to kill people by the tens of millions.

      Atheists have no intellectual or moral ground left on which to take a stand against murdering those they don’t like.

      1. “Atheists have no intellectual or moral ground left on which to take a stand against murdering those they don’t like.”

        That is *insulting* and *silly*, Tom. “Thou shalt not kill” is, hopefully, only *one* of the many, many, reasons that you don’t murder everyone you don’t like. People want to live good lives, Tom, and so we have *always* made rules for ourselves (except for the sociopaths, who desperately need rules imposed from the outside) and those rules pretty much always start with “nobody should be allowed to kill me unless I do something really bad”.

        P.S.: comparing straight numbers for atrocities between a time when the population was less than 500M, and spread out farming barely enough to survive, and a time when the population was 2500M, and concentrated in cities building powerful machines, is either intellectually lazy or dishonest.

      2. Wow, Reality. For someone with that username, you’re sure are out of touch with reality if you truly believe 0 Christians or Jews were killed by atheists for their beliefs.

    6. the biggests tyrants of all time lived in the 20th Century. Consider Stalin; Lenin, Mao, Hitler, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Ataturk etc….all ANTI religious nutcases every damn one, each one a genius in the art of mass murder… that leaves even the worse religious maniac embarrassed.

      Time to wake up all ye PHARISICAL ATHEISTS and know your brothers in arms… they all subscribe to the father’s of atheism Neitzsche & Marx and you can see the fruits! two hundred and fifty innocent murdered by purging, gassing, lethel injection and angry guns. Can you hear the stamping feet of their armies…and in the death clinics today just only if you’d open your little heart and them eyes further and see the millions upon millions of little dead babies and vulnerable people put for their sacrificial “gods” of malthusia and Family Planning & population controls…

      1. I hate when I keep hearing this argument. Just because they were atheists does not make that an atheist movement, otherwise every time a Christian kills some one its because of Christianity. So i guess when we dropped the Atom bomb and killed 100’s of thousand of people that was because of Christianity by your logic. A bunch of horrible stuff has been done in the name of God and they truly thought they were doing God’s work.

        Let’s not forget the Nazis, who had Got Mit Uns (god with us) stamped on their belt buckles who argued biblical authority for their ethnic cleansing campaigns. Also The Russian Catholic Church tried to get Stalin made a Saint.

      2. Really, did you just say that Hitler was an atheist? Have you ever read Mein Kampf, I will save you the time and effort of replying because you obviously haven’t. The comment about Marx puts the nail in your coffin. The only thing worse than your zealotry is your ignorance of reality.

  6. This is satire, it’s what he does. And you guys are foaming at the mouth like he’s speaking Gospel.
    As for your bloody handed, petty, evil, so-called God, where is he? BRING HIM FORTH IMMEDIATELY!!!!! I CALL HIM OUT, AND WILL PUNISH HIM FOR ALL THE BILLIONS OF UNCOUNTABLE INNOCENTS MURDERED IN HIS NAME! I WILL SHOW HIM JUST WHAT SMITING IS!!! I WILL KILL HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, wait, that’s right, he’s just a figment of mentally deluded people…

    1. Gonzo, please settle down. No one here is foaming at the mouth. Are you? Your opinions are welcomed here but please present them with less CAPS and anger.

    2. I haven’t seen any foaming at the mouth. Belief is God isn’t necessary to see that a cross should be no more insulting to an atheist than a Santa hat is to an adult. Also, something need not be 100% sincere to speak truth. Satire and truth are not mutually exclusive. It is fine for you not to believe in God, but I have seen enough to know that His apparition to you would likely not change your mind, since you have already decided upon it.

      Also, I think you might have broken your keyboard. The caps lock appears to be coming on randomly in your typing. It makes you appear angry and ignorant. You might want to fix that.

  7. Athiests believe in nothing as the first cause which holds all of reality together in being. So, if it’s nothing they believe, then I have no problem with them erecting a great big nothing at the WTC site.

  8. I Have been a Registered Nurse for well over 50 years and have taken care of many, many patients. Some have been nice and some have been miserable. However they are all God’s creatures. Through out my long career, I have been at the bedside of many who were dying, but I have to say, “I have never seen an atheist die!”

  9. The cross should be included because it is part of the history of that horrific event. To those who were involved in the search and rescue and the clean up, and to so many others, it immediately became a sign of hope in the midst of the horror. A museum cannot exclude this part of the story and still be true to the mission of presenting accurate history. I am sure there will also be pictures and a display of all the signs and messages that were hung in the little church by the site, as well as the story of the Catholic priest who died while administering the last rites to victims. This is all part of the history, which a museum has a duty to represent according to the facts. This is not pushing religion, it is acknowledging that the response of people to the tragedy had a religious dimension.

    1. So should they have a Islam statue or Scientology? I’m sure many Muslims were killed while working at the world trade center, just because a few religious extremist took it to far doesn’t mean they felt the same way. I think it would only be fair to honor all of those religions(if they want to) opposed to just one.

      1. I guess if a symbol of one of those other religions had a naturally occurring symbol as was the cross, why not. Interestingly enough, there are none. Nobody built that cross.

  10. I’m an atheist. It only means I don’t believe in god. I have no problem at all with religious people or their religious expression, in public or in private.

    If Colbert wants to poke fun of ME while continuing to believe that an invisible man in outer space is watching everything he does, I’m willing to let him do so without comment.

    1. I think few atheists (such as yourself) are having a hard time to not realize that most theists don’t automatically believe in an “invisible Man in the sky”.
      It’s a lot more complicated than that when I interacted with theists about their beliefs. Some believe the universe is God, while others believe God is without being (a.k.a. transcendence) and sort of like this gigantic energy. You saying God is an “invisible man in outer space” is being intellectually lazy.

  11. Atheists largely live in a time where they don’t need God. What consolation does atheism provide the woman living in a shack in Iraq, who’s husband views her as cattle? What hope does she have? And for that matter what is she providing to the “collective” that is valuable to the atheist? How does justice ever get balanced for her? She’s better off dead, if there is no God, no? If there is no God there is no justice and no point.

    1. We don’t need God and it’s sad that people need God to do great things. Btw the reason her husband views her as cattle is because of their religion telling them it’s ok. That is what we are trying to stop and get people to see. Religion has no room in politics and in education. We see our basic morals as the “Golden Rule”. We are all equal and if you read bible you can see God clearly does not view them to be the same. Only until we started saying they are metaphor can you say god cares about women.

      1. even if you dont believe in god, following his rules can be very helpful in life, but to be fair some do seem a bit farfetched and are for the very old days. and what do u mean god doesnt care about women…

  12. Why Christians worship an idol based on a torture device has always creeped me out (so does ritualized cannibalism but that’s a different topic), but I couldn’t care less about it’s display. It could be a rack or an iron maiden far all I care. But If they are preventing other religions from displaying their idols, or even a picture of a spaghetti monster that someone might worship, then I have a problem. The gov can not discriminate like that. It’s either all or none if tax payers are paying, if someone donates something I don’t care if its on public property, but every religion or group of any kind can too.

  13. A cross created by the aftermath of 9-11 is nothing you should be worried over. First off, I doubt anyone here even goes to the memorial on a regular basis. And if you do – THEN JUST DONT LOOK AT IT

  14. I agree they have a right to have a cross there, but only if they allow the same privilege to other religions, including Islam. I have a feeling most Christians people would say no. Just because the hijackers were Muslim doesn’t mean they didn’t kill some working in the WTC. Everyone must have the same right. Freedom of Religion after all is what is suppose to be about. It seems like whatever Christians want is all that matters anymore.

  15. ppl kill each other out of human nature, so religioun or not, ppl are going to die. its (sadly) just a part of life. and if everyone agreed on the same thing, they would find something else to kill each other for. and, im not the best for history so i may be wrong, but the worst wars ive heard about were atheists killing ppl because of their religioun.

  16. Matt,

    What fruits exactly are you talking about?

    Are you talking about the indoctrination that parents who believe put their kids through at an impressionable age and scare them into questioning all other existential thought that may pass through their heads?

    Are you talking about the intolerance that religion breeds to other ways of living?

    The fruits of the Crusades?

    The sunday routine of Church that we do not participate in?

    The dumbing down of science and the general population in favor of Iron Age beliefs?

    Those lovely priests who keep molesting boys, and the institution that covers it up?

    What fruits in particular are you speaking of?

    1. molesting priests are sinners and the church hierarchy is a catholic /man-made invention. you can’t point at them and think of us all.
      partakers in the crusades, i wouldn’t for a second consider good followers.
      idk about other religions, but the Book i read told me to love others without distinction; rebuking those who sin out of love and concern, not discrimination.
      the bible is compatible with science, its science that fails to accept God, because He is beyond logic ( a function of man ). Pick the Book up, you might actually like what it says you know?

  17. I’m an atheist myself, but creating a lawsuit because of “mental anguish” due to a cross in a 9/11 memorial is obnoxious and idiotic.

  18. if you’re an atheist and you’re offended by this cross when you see it( because we all know a lot of the families who lost lives DO believe ( sorry if that bothers you) )then i gotta say. that’s pretty childish. thats like a a kid thats sick and can’t go play in the snow crying to make their parents bring their brothers and sisters inside. that piece of debris was random and its consequent shape was significant to those who found it and apparently many others agreed with that. trying to tarnish, or paint the positive sentiments of others black is .. evil.

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