Start Thinking About Sex!


We live in a sexualized culture. We all know that, right?

Then again, perhaps we only think we know that. Perhaps it’s sorta become like the story of the fish who said to his mother, “Where’s the ocean everyone’s talking about?”

It’s simply all around us.

Case in point (not really sure what that phrase means), a couple years back when I bought a new car, a coworker of mine (not gonna say who, let’s just call him Patrick Coffin) said, “Dude, that is a sexy car!” Sexy? It was a minivan! there’s nothing sexy about a minivan. I think that’s their motto, isn’t it? “All of the convenience, none of the sex appeal”?

Don’t Think About It!

Battling with temptations against chastity is something we all have to face, and at times, the advice we’re given isn’t very helpful. Sometimes you’ll hear someone say—or perhaps you remember someone saying— “have you tried not thinking about it?”That’s terrible advice, isn’t it? Unless you’re goal was to turn neurotic, in which case I suppose it would be spectacularly helpful.

Try this, you ready?:

Don’t think about a red elephant. If you are thinking about a red elephant, then stop thinking about a red elephant.

I am a figment of your imagination

See? Doesn’t work, does it? The intensity with which you’re trying not to think about it has probably led you to mistakenly believe that there is a red elephant on this webpage. Tsk, tsk.

Alright, enough of the elephant, back to the topic at hand.

Thinking About Sex

We ought to think about sex. Yep,  you read that right. I’d argue that the mess our culture is in with regard to sex is a consequence of not thinking about it.

Frank Sheed (who was Australian and therefore awesome) explains it well:

The typical modern man practically never thinks about sex. He dreams of it, of course, by day and by night; he craves for it; he pictures it, is stimulated or depressed by it, slavers over it.

But this frothing, steaming activity is not thinking. Slavering is not thinking, picturing is not thinking, craving is not thinking, dreaming is not thinking.

Thinking means bringing the power of the mind to bear: thinking about sex means striving to see sex in its innermost reality and in the function it is meant to serve.

So, start thinking about sex. Here’s a great place to start!

3 thoughts on “Start Thinking About Sex!

  1. I think the minivan as a sexy vehicle may be quite profound. The family is the fruit of true, beautiful, and holy sex. QED the minivan is the sexiest vehicle on the market.

  2. To suggest that your intellect and reasoning skills have been left out of the thought process is brilliant. That comment goes straight to the core of our Catholic Faith. I am indebted to Catholic folk like yourself. As messed up as my life has been and will be in the future, I shutter to think what it all would be like without my Catholic Faith. Thank you.

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