One thought on “Skeptical of Skepticism

  1. Hi Matt! I just thought you would appreciate this. So my mom was explaining to my little brother, who’s 9, that he shouldn’t say he’ll never like something, and she used the phrase “never say never”. His response was but how can someone say never say never, if they just said never! I then proceeded to tell him how right he was and explain the term I just learned from you, “self-referential incoherence”. I told him that I learned that from Matt Fradd, and he was really excited, as he knows you as the cool Catholic speaker who told the funny story about sharks in Australia šŸ™‚ (he listened just to that beginning anecdote from your FOCUS talk, he thinks that story is hilarious) Couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share that, I guess he’s a little apologist in the making!

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