Singing With My Sister

St. Marks Cathedral in Port Pirie is the church that Carla, Emma, and I grew up going to.

Those of you who are familiar with my story may recall me telling the incident of my friend, Carla, who at the age of twelve (or there abouts) told me that she was thinking of committing suicide. I had no idea what to say. No hope to offer.

After my conversion to Christ at the age of seventeen I came back from World Youth Day in Rome walking on another plane of reality. I had encountered Christ and wanted everyone to know about it (whether they did or not).

About a year later, my friend Carla (who was thankfully still around) also converted to Christ.

At some point after her conversion, Carla began writings songs to Christ. One of them is entitled Love Me More. Recently my sister, Emma (see her music here) and I played the song live at a local coffee shop. Here it is (the lyrics can be found underneath)!

Love Me More

Walking down this windy road,

Looking for a place to go,

but I was already lost before I started.

I’ve let you down so many times,

And you just forgive all my stupid crimes,

They dissapear like a drop in the ocean.


I swear, I’m not hiding,

I’m just lost; come and find me.

I’m lost, so come and find me.


I can’t believe you have faith in me.

You’ve hungered for me before I could see.

Could you be mine to keep?

‘Cause you’ve done so much for me,

I can’t believe that you’ve set me free,

But I was already lost before I started.


I swear, I’m not hiding,

I’m just lost; come and find me.

I’m lost, so come and find me.


Because you love me more than Miley Cryus* loves the paparazzi;

More than my Dad loves to play on the pokies**;

More than anyone on this earth ever could.


* Carla originally had “Lindsey Lohan,” but given recent events…

** Pokies is Australian slang for poker machines, something her Dad may have been addicted to.

6 thoughts on “Singing With My Sister

  1. Wow! Both of you are so talented! I love how you ditched your sister at the end! Is this on iTunes?

    And what was the Australian word for “sidewalk” and “raisin” again? I can’t remember.

  2. You’re amazing O.O!
    Matt every time you share a song i try to play it with my guitar and sing it…with no good results, unfortunately (my voice is not as good as yours:D)

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