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    I'm a Catholic apologist and speaker. That means I specialize in defending the Catholic faith: the existence of God; the historicity of Jesus; the truth claims of the Catholic Church.

    I hope to do it in an relatable way that will help you learn the faith and defend it with charity and confidence.

  • We destroy arguments and every proud obstacle to the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ. 2 Corinthians 10:5

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Dad with my son, Liam. Why I Love My Dad

Dad with my son, Liam. Since Father’s day is approaching, I thought I’d share a few of the reasons I love my Dad. Now, in case I’ve got some of my Aussie readers freaking out, rest assured, Father’ day isn’t until September 6th over there, so you’ve got time! Like many young men, my relationship with my Dad wasn’t always great. In fact... Read More

Untitled copy Responding to Transgenderism With Logic and Charity

In a recent interview with Dianne Sawyer, Bruce Jenner (whose name you probably know by now) announced that he is a woman. A “woman” who now goes by the name Caitlyn Jenner. “Are you a woman?” asked Sawyer. “Yes, for all intents and purposes, I am a woman,” Jenner replied. …“I built a nice little life. Again, Bruce lives a lie. She is not a lie. I can’t... Read More

mantilla What Happened to Headcoverings at Mass?

I got an email recently, the lady writing asked, “Can you point me towards a good reference for why women are no longer required to wear a head covering during mass?” I thought I’d take the email I sent her and turn it into a blog. So, Here’s my answer. Throughout history it has been common for women to wear head-coverings. This is something which has... Read More

Marriage of Mary and Joseph, Pedro Ramirez, 1668, Mexico Dear Single People, Stop Looking for Your St. Joseph/Virgin Mary

Okay. I have no idea where I’ll be going with this post. That’s not true, I have some idea. I have the title. I want to share with you some thoughts that are beginning to bubble in my mind. I then want to ask you to leave a comment in the comment section (obviously) to help me grasp what I’m trying to say/beginning to understand. Let’s hope by the... Read More

litany101 5 Amazing Quotes from True Devotion to Mary

St. Louis de Montfort. Demontfort (1673 –1716). Today is the feast of St. Louis de Montfort. Demontfort  (31 January 1673 – 28 April 1716) was a French priest whose work, True Devotion to Mary, is still generally thought to be the best single volume on devotion to the Blessed Mother. Saint John Paul the Great once recalled how, as a young seminarian, he “read and... Read More

440px-Blaise_Pascal_Versailles What is Pascal’s Wager?

Blaise Pascal was a French mathematician and philosopher who lived in the 17th century. In his Pensees (paragraph 233) he writes what has come to be known as “Pascals Wager.” There are many blogs and video’s out there which claim to show Pascal’s wager spurious and childish. I disagree, I think it has merit, and so in this post I’d like to... Read More

Shield-Trinity-Scutum-Fidei-English.svg How To Explain (and Not Explain) The Trinity

The mystery of the Most Holy Trinity is the “central mystery of [our] faith” (Catechism of the Catholic Church 234). It is therefore the most fundamental. If we get it wrong, then everything else gets obscured or perverted. The Catechism summarizes the Trinity in this way: We do not confess three Gods but one God in three persons, the “consubstantial Trinity.” The... Read More

IMG_2997 What I’m Working on This Year

Me wearing a hat. #YoureWelcome The Lord is risen, Alleluia! Thanks for being here. I wanted to give you an update on what I’ve been doing and some of the projects I plan to accomplish this year. My wife Cameron and I just bought our first home in Georgia, north of Atlanta. Since we were married nine years ago, we’ve moved eight times. Eight times. Eight times.... Read More

url_0 What You Didn’t Know About The Good Thief

St. Dismas: The Good Thief. The good thief, as he is commonly referred, is an unnamed character who appears in all four Gospels— though it’s his interaction with our Lord in the Gospel of Luke that’s made him famous. Though he’s never been officially canonized by the Church, he is believed to be a saint by virtue of Christ’s words, ““Truly,... Read More

14688_19122_5 One Mediator Between God and Man: A Socratic Dialogue

One of my readers wrote to me today and asked if I would briefly explain how to respond to a protestant who says that since Christ is the one mediator between God and man, going to the saints for intercession is inappropriate. Since I’m sitting on a plane, flying home to Georgia, with little to do (except drink really bad coffee—It’s like they brewed it through... Read More

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