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    I'm a Catholic apologist and speaker. That means I specialize in defending the Catholic faith: the existence of God; the historicity of Jesus; the truth claims of the Catholic Church.

    I hope to do it in an relatable way that will help you learn the faith and defend it with charity and confidence.

  • We destroy arguments and every proud obstacle to the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ. 2 Corinthians 10:5

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remedy Queen of Heaven: A Socratic Dialogue

Happy Feast of the Queenship of Mary! Have you ever been asked why on earth it is Catholics refer to Mary as “Queen”? If so, you might find this short dialogue helpful: Read my other dialogues here. Sam: Why do you call Mary a queen? Justin: Because she is the mother of Jesus who, we believe, is a king, the king of the universe. Sam: Well I believe Jesus is the... Read More

young-boy Richard Dawkins: It’s Immoral Not To Abort Downs Syndrome Children

Richard Dawkins—that atheist who wrote that book on atheism—is now “seen by many, even many non-believers, as a joke figure, shaking his fist at sky fairies. He’s the Mary Whitehouse of our day.” [1] Despite his waning popularity (or because of it), he seems intent on remaining in the public eye. His strategy seems to be to say as much stupid and insulting... Read More

hell23 A Loving God And The Existence of Hell: A Socratic Dialogue

Note: These dialogues are contrived, obviously. I’m interested, not so much in writing a conversation as it would actually occur (real conversations about important topics are messy and almost never this brief), but one that demonstrates the superiority of the Christian position to atheistic ones (surprise!) Because of this, the Christian, Sarah, almost always comes... Read More

mantledad 10 Awesome Catholic Tees

One easy/effective way to evangelize is by wearing a Catholic shirt. Below are 10 awesome one’s from Mantled Catholic Media. I met the guys at MCM at a recent conference and was even more impressed by their apostolic zeal than I was their fantastic tees! On the inside of each of their shirts is printed a scapular! Check it out:   So here are ten of my favorite Catholic... Read More

42. God's playfulness Is God a Silly Idea: A Socratic Dialogue

In their last discussion, Sarah explained why she’s within her epistemic rights to deny the existence of  a teapot orbiting the sun, because, among other reasons, the idea was silly. Read that discussion here. This discussion follows from that. Brad: Alright, I’ll take you up on your offer. I’ll let you know why I think your God is silly. Sarah: Okay. Brad:... Read More

Face of God? Is God a Body? Mormonism Vs. Aquinas

  Mormonism teaches that God has a body. Christianity teaches that he does not. This short post is meant to be a discussion generator, not a comprehensive refutation, so leave your comments below! Let’s look first at what Mormon scriptures say about God’s corporeality and then look at three arguments put forth by Aquinas which aim to refute this idea: God has... Read More

Evil_818411472 Does Evil Disprove God?

http://ihrarchive.org/archive/rhrn-20140620.mp3   Last week I had the honor of being on Patrick Madrid’s Right Here Right Now show where we discussed, with the great Peter Kreeft, the problem of evil. Click the play button above to listen to our interview. (mp3 link here). As I’m reading a lot of Thomas Aquinas right now, I thought, in addition to providing... Read More

image83 God & Flying Teapots: A Socratic Dialogue

This is the second conversation between Sarah  and Brad. Read their first one here. Brad: Sarah. Hey. It’s Brad. Sarah: Oh, hey Brad. It’s nice to see you in a different shirt today. Green Lantern? Brad: Yes! DC fan? Sarah: Yes, actually. Although the film they did with Ryan Reynolds was enough to make me throw up and convert to Marvel. Awful movie. Brad: Agreed!... Read More

27190843 What is Atheism? A Socratic Dialogue

Sarah: “I’m an atheist, debate me”? Cute/confrontational shirt, dude. Brad: Yeah, got it online. Glad you like it. Sarah: I’m Sarah. Brad: Brad . . . Aaaaannnnd now I feel awkward ’cause you’re reading the Bible. Sarah: Haha! Yeah, I come here for a Bible study once a week. It looks like I’ve been stood up. Brad: Do you mind... Read More

universe-photos-76 Contingency Argument for God’s Existence

Perhaps my favorite cosmological argument for the existence of God is the contingency argument. It goes like this: Whatever exists that does not have to exist requires an explanation for its existence. The physical universe does not have to exist. Therefore, the universe requires an explanation in something that must exist. God is the only being that must exist. Therefore,... Read More

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