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  • We destroy arguments and every proud obstacle to the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ. 2 Corinthians 10:5

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Pope_Francis_in_March_2013 15 Surprising Things Atheists are Saying about Pope Francis

Well, Pope Francis is on his way to the USA and people are talking! Including the media—which has it’s downsides. Sr. Helena Burns posted this funny meme today:   Whatever you might think of the Pope Francis, it’s hard to deny the fact that people are listening to him; if not his words, certainly his example. I heard someone say, when Pope Francis embraced... Read More

counseling-1 5 Reasons to Consider Going to Therapy

The following article was written by my sister, Emma. When my best friend first suggested I go to therapy, I felt scared and like she thought there was a big thing wrong with me. I quickly excused her suggestion and tried to do something that normal people do, like watch TV or poach eggs. I recently moved countries and decided to go, because deep down I felt as if I knew there... Read More

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 9.11.25 PM Restored: A New Book For Wives

My wife and I just released a new book for wives and partners of those who use porn. Restored: True Stories of Love and Lust After Porn. Learn more here. Share this:FacebookTwitterEmailGoogleLike this:Like Loading... Read More →

covenanteyes_web Why I No Longer Work for Covenant Eyes . . . but Still Promote the Heck Out of Them

Several months back I decided to part ways with Covenant Eyes in order to dedicate my time solely to The Porn Effect (a website for teens and young adults) and Integrity Restored (a site for families and clergy). I’m happy with the move since I feel the work cut out for us in the Church in the battle against porn isn’t likely to go away any time soon (though... Read More

Martin Luther before The Diet (assembly) Of Worms 4 Ways The Church Contributed to the Protestant “Reformation”

Martin Luther before The Diet (assembly) Of Worms The Church, being not a museum of saints but a hospital for sinners, is always in need of reform. This was true in the apostolic age, it is true in our own, and it was true in the age of the infamous (or famous; depending whose side you’re on) Martin Luther. But it’s my contention (as I mentioned in an earlier post)... Read More

gods-not-dead-movie Why God’s Not Dead Isn’t Worth Watching (or Watching again)

God’s Not Dead “flatters Christian viewers with the triumphalist message that we are the heroes, that our enemies are bankrupt and miserable, that we will be rewarded and they punished. It tells its target audience exactly what they would most like to hear, rather than challenging them with what they need to hear. It’s not just bad art, it’s bad morally as... Read More

green-luther The Weirdest Thing Martin Luther Ever Wrote

I’ve been doing some reading on the Protestant reformation lately (though I think I’m going to start referring to it as a revolt, since “reform” means making changes to improve something, and that isn’t what the Protestant reform . . . revolters did). I came across this little ditty that I just had to share. From H. W. Crocker’s fantastic... Read More

Untitled 3 There Are No “Gay People,” Only People

There are, so far as we know, three types of persons: Divine, angelic, and human. There are no gay persons because people are not reducible to who or what they’re sexually attracted to. When we call a person “gay,” we’ve done just that; reduced them. Said, “this is who you are, you are the type of person who is attracted to people of the same... Read More

Even Pope Francis Likes Randal's new book! Why Christians Should Rethink Their Attitudes Towards Atheists

Even Pope Francis Likes Randal’s new book! Dr Randal Rauser is Professor of Historical Theology at Taylor Seminary where he has taught since 2003. He is the author of several books including his latest one which we’ll be discussing today, Is The Atheist My Neighbor: Rethinking Christian Attitudes towards Atheism. I first became aware or Randal through his debates... Read More

Dad with my son, Liam. Why I Love My Dad

Dad with my son, Liam. Since Father’s day is approaching, I thought I’d share a few of the reasons I love my Dad. Now, in case I’ve got some of my Aussie readers freaking out, rest assured, Father’ day isn’t until September 6th over there, so you’ve got time! Like many young men, my relationship with my Dad wasn’t always great. In fact... Read More

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