My Philippines Trip: 2 Days. 11,000 People.


This Wednesday I will travel l8736.4 Miles to the Philippines to spend no more than two full days speaking to around 11,000 people. I’ll be speaking about living authentic manhood, rejecting porn, and settling for no less than the love that satisfies.

Here’s my schedule:

November 4 – 5


Eat bad sushi at Tokyo airport because, hey, it’s Japan!


November 6

8am, speaking to 350 seminarians at San Carlos Seminary, Guadalupe, Makati City.

1pm, speaking to 750 college men at St. Mary’s College Auditorium, Mo. Ignacia Avenue, Quezon City.

6pm, speaking to 300 educators at University of Asia and the Pacific, Pearl Dr., Ortigas Center. Pasig City.

November 7

830am, speaking to 3000 high school and college students at the Ynares Sports Arena, Shaw Blvd. Mandaluyong City

130pm, speaking to 3000 different high school and college students (same location).

700pm, speaking to 3000 different (seriously—different) high school and college students (same location).

November 8

Fly home exhausted.

Prayer Requests

I wonder if you’d be so kind as to offer prayers for me and my family while I’m away. Please also pray for Sarah Swafford who will be traveling with me. If you don’t mind leaving a comment to let me know you’ll be praying for us that would be most appreciated.

21 thoughts on “My Philippines Trip: 2 Days. 11,000 People.

  1. Praying for you and Sarah! Good luck! I am so excited so many souls will hear Truth in such a short time, the devil will be running scared from y’alls Truth Cannons ;p

  2. Hello Matt, I keep you in my prayers. I’ll also offer Mass for you, your family and Sarah Swafford on Thursday/Friday. Thanks for your work. Blessings from Canada.

  3. I’m happy to pray for you and Sarah while you’re traveling. As a matter of fact, I will start tonight and I’ll pray a rosary each day for you. Thanks to both of you for your dedication and sacrifices, and to your lovely families as well, for their sacrifices while you’re gone!

  4. Our prayers for you and your dear ones. You are doing a great service to the whole world. Your coming to the Philippines is very timely because at this time, Aldub and Maine fever is still going on. The entire nation deserves to revive the Philippine tradition of chastity, finesse, and chivalry. God expects a lot from us.

  5. You, your family and your travel companion certainly have my prayers! That *is* a grueling schedule though >.< You wouldn't even be able to see anything (other than the traffic, ugh)!

    May I also ask if visitors allowed (at the gym, perhaps)? I don't live near any of those places, but I would like to stop by at least.

    Again, you all have my prayers!

  6. Hi Matt how are you?. I will keep you in my prayers and for the people in the Philippines what you say to them they will have a open heart and mind to what God’s message is to them through you. I will keep your Family in my prayers as I do all time when praying for you and your ministry I always include them. God bless your good friend Séamus.

  7. Hello Matt: I will keep you in my prayers, that your words touch the heart of your audiences so your hard work will be fruitful. God bless you and bring you back home safe.

  8. Hi, Matt! I’m from the Philippines and I attended the afternoon session of Real Love Revolution. You and Sarah totally rock! I was so blessed after the talk. Thank you very much. God bless you and please go back to the Philippines soon!

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