14 thoughts on “My Favorite St. Joseph Quotes

      1. I guess I am just too literal. I get it now, just didn’t when I first looked at it. I did get the love between him and Jesus, that came through loud and clear.

  1. lol nice one! πŸ™‚ although he must have said something, sometime during his life with Mary, i wonder what advice he gave Jesus growing up? I heard somewhere he was quiet a bit older than Mary as well with kid’s from a former marriage? if i’ve been misinformed let me know please.

  2. Yes he undoubtedly did. St Joseph formed Jesus as the model Jewish male.that he was older really seems to have arisen out of speculation because the gospels don’t record much about him. There is every reason to accept that St Joseph’s commitment to Our Lady was unique in that it was virginal in respect to both of them. There seems to have always been a strong tradition to that effect. Not a question of misinformation rather not the whole truth.

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