My Back and Forth With Cosmo Author


Last week Cosmopolitan magazine published an article called 8 Reasons
Watching Porn Doesn’t Make Him a Cheater
(you didn’t really think I’d link you to it, did you?).

Today, I released a video response to it. Check it out:

If you’re interested in seeing the facts I referenced see the full article here.

I was happy to see that the author of the article watched the video and then responded to us on Twitter.

Here’s how our brief exchange went:


Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 4.18.44 PM

You can follow up on the conversation here, but please be respectful to Andre. It’s one thing to say an article is evil and stupid (which it is), but we should always treat people with love (I’m sure you know that, just saying).

Pornographers use the term “sex-positive” like a mantra (Here’s a recent video I did debunking that myth), but, as I told Andre, watching porn—masturbating to pixels—involves neither sex, nor is positive.

Her last response to me broke my heart.

By her own admission she does not believe that a man could decide that she is enough for him. What’s even more tragic is that she’s trying to turn this into a positive thing (those of you who’ve read Nietzsche will understand what I mean when I say this appears to be a clear case of “ressentiment”, in which one disparages what is good and strong because one feels unable to attain it due to weakness).

Andre, if you’re reading this post, the next few lines are for you:

You could do so much to empower women. You could challenge them to be good and strong and free. You don’t need to mock their desire for a porn-free, faithful relationship. You can rebel against Cosmo culture, choose to be awesome, a disruptor of the status quo. You could speak truth to women that would embolden them to be all they can be, to live lives to the full.

Will you?

Maybe you have nothing but scorn for these words. Maybe you’re more open minded than I think. I hope so.

Please think about these things.



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