Medicine for the Scrupulous #1

Each Sunday, I intend of publish a short article entitled “Medicine for the Scrupulous.”

In my work as a Catholic apologist I often converse with those who struggle with scrupulosity, which is commonly defined as a psychological disorder characterized by pathological guilt about moral or religious issues.1

These weekly posts, which will contain short excerpts from the saints and other spiritual authors, are offered as meditations and are not intended to be read as one might read a typical blog. Take a breath, offer a prayer and read:

“I assure you, we are bathed in love and mercy.

We each have a Father, a Brother, a Friend, a Spouse of our soul, Center and King of our hearts, Redeemer and Savior, bend down over us, over our weakness and our impotence, like that of little children, with an inexpressible gentleness, watching over us like the apple of His eye, who said, “I will have mercy and not sacrifice”, a Jesus haunted by the desire to save us by all means, who has opened Heaven under our feet.

And we live, too often like orphans, like abandoned children, as if it were Hell which had opened under out feet.

We are men of little faith!”

This excerpt was taken from the book “I Believe In Love.” Pg 23-4. Written by Fr. Jean C. J. d’Elbée.


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