Medicine for the Scrupulous #6

These weekly posts, which contain short excerpts from the saints and other spiritual authors, are offered as meditations and are not intended to be read as one might read a typical blog post. Take a breath, offer a prayer and read:

“Sixteen centuries after the Last Supper and Calvary, the most satanic of all heresies, Jansenism, was able to appear and spread – a heresy which turned a God of love, saying with open arms, “Come to me, all of you, come because you are unworthy, come because you are sinful, come because you need to be saved,” into a God whose arms are raised to strike, a demanding God, a vengeful God. Under the pretext of recognizing our unworthiness, Jansenism diabolically led souls away from Jesus. Thus, no longer willing to endure this heresy, Jesus appeared to St. Margaret Mary at Paray-le-Monial and through her gave His Heart to the world. “Here is the Heart which loved men so much that it spared nothing, to the point of being emptied and consumed, to give them proof of that love.”

This excerpt was taken from the book I Believe In Love. Pg 10. Written by Fr. Jean C. J. d’Elbée.

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