Look What My Wife And I Are Giving Up For Lent!


If  you’re like me, Lent catches you off guard every single year. Can you believe it’s only 5 days until lent?

A few weeks back I was chatting with my good friend, Mark Hart (who is so disgustingly insightful and funny that you ought to follow him) who shared with me something that friends of his did one year for Lent.

I thought the idea was fantastic and have now talked my wife into it.

Sometime between now and Ash Wednesday (the beginning of Lent), my wife and I are going to go and purchase 40 bottles of good red wine.

We’ll probably need to buy a wine rack (or two) also.

We’re then going set them somewhere semi-prominent, and then fast from alcohol for the entirely of lent.

This is going to be quite the sacrifice. But hey, that’s what Lent’s about.

Why The 40 bottles?

So why are we buying 40 bottles of wine? Two reasons, first to remind us of Easter. Every night.. While we eat dinner… Drinking water….

secondly, so that we can better celebrate the Easter season! Once easter comes, we’re going to commit to sitting down each night (or as many as possible—I travel like a crazy person!…do crazy people travel a great deal? Never mind. #BackOnDecaf) and drinking wine. The Easter season is 50 days…40 bottles of wine. Totally doable. Right?

What Are You Giving Up For Lent?

No seriously, I’m actually asking you. Comment below.

25 thoughts on “Look What My Wife And I Are Giving Up For Lent!

  1. Matt,
    I think giving up wine is a great idea! I have thought about this for several years, but have never commited…..I do love a glass of red wine in the evening! I’ll give this some serious thought for lent as well. God bless!

  2. I’m giving up alcohol too. I tried giving up coffee once but my family won’t let me do that again. I wasn’t able to do Patience and Holy with caffeine withdrawl.

  3. I gave up alchol and chocolate one Lent season, that was great sacrifice for me, but great joy when Easter came around. It really helped me celebrate the Easter season! 🙂

  4. My snooze alarm.
    It is one of the absolutely hardest things, but not only is it a sacrifice but it’s a chance for me to make my very first decision of the day one for God and not one for selfishness. (Especially if I manage to get out of bed and pray right away!)

  5. Family penances/add-ins:
    No desserts
    Daily Rosary
    No iPad use (we have three) – only PC for computer time

    Personal penances:
    to be determined in the next five days!

  6. Wow! That will be a major sacrifice! Good for you! 😀 I think I’m going to give up chocolate. I usually do on Wednesdays and Fridays, plus any drink but water. So I think I’ll just go all out and fast from chocolate for the 40 days (excluding Sundays if I’m weak).

    I feel like that’s not enough though. Do you ever feel like you’re not giving up enough? :/

    God bless!

  7. Instead of giving something up, I’m taking up selflessness this year! Anytime anyone asks something that’s not sinful of me, it’s theirs. 🙂

  8. I am giving up Bread and Facebook. I Will add a holy hr each day, pray one hour at the abortion clinic/once per week. I will start exercising. Hoping to be able to add something permanent to my life after Lent.

  9. All of you will be in my thoughts and prayers for a successful Lent.

    I absolutely love popcorn before going to bed. I will not be eating popcorn or eating solid food after 7 pm for Lent. Our Lord has blessed me with some medical issues that would benefit from this practice.

    “It is the bigger miracle to eject passion from your own body than it is to eject an evil spirit from another’s body.” St. John Cassian

    The power of our Lord is strong enough if we let His Spirit work within us!

    God love you all!

  10. Will try giving up Facebook this lent… at least I will really try. I know this is really hard for me.
    I need lots of prayers for this.

  11. tough question – i was running a poll on my blog as well, a little more general though.
    Usually ice cream, try to read the daily readings, pray more, forgive more and have more patience…I guess the theme is do more of the right things, less of the other things.

  12. Been thinking on this since posting earlier today.
    For myself, I desire to give up UNFORGIVENESS – of self and others.

    May God help me in this endeavor.

  13. I cannot live without chocolate especially since my family comes from Switzerland! So I thought long and hard (not really) and decided to give up all chocolate. I am also encouraging my friends to give something!

  14. This year I’m going to do the Liturgy of the Hours … I’ve been trying to start for a long time! Also fasting on Wednesdays as well as Fridays, weekly confession, and daily mass (as many times as works around my work schedule).

  15. I usually give up all meat, fish and chicken during lent, but I don’t feel its a sacrifice enough because I have been doing it for a long time and I feel a sacrifice should hurt, so I decided this year to skip lunch and all snacks in between breakfast and diner in addition to the meatless lent. I feel there are way too many children starving and dying each day around world and I am part of the lucky few who actually have food to eat and good food at that and more than 3 meals a day if I wish for it!
    So, I ask Jesus to provide for one of those many children each time my tummy cries for food.
    I am a foodie and this is gonna be so hard, simply because food makes me happy.
    Jesus help me!

  16. Lent is about transformation, so I always choose to do something that creates a change I don’t go back to. This year I’ve chosen to de-clutter my heart, mind, soul, and home. I hope that by Easter I will have a clean home, and that my heart, mind, and soul will be centered on Christ and transformed for the better.

  17. I have giving up watching football , reading the sports news , watching skysports news and going on line to read football rumours sites , total football blackout , and I gave up alcohol , 2 days to go , drink is far easier to give up than football , and im irish and LOVE GARGLE . Roll on Sunday.

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