One thought on “God or Atheism?

  1. I like that you explained it in a deeper way that I have heard before. Pascal wasn’t just saying “why take the risk of eternal damnation? Believe in God as a kind of insurance”. As I understand your paper here, it’s more “you’ll be a better person if you live as if you believed in God”, and further, if you live as if you believe, belief may come to you.

    However I find this unconvincing. First, it’s quite possible to live a good life (i.e. be a good person) without believing in God, just as it’s possible to be a bad person while believing in God. So to the extent of living a good life, it doesn’t matter whether God exists. The only compelling argument in the paper is about having a personal relationship with God, and I think that’s possible only for a Believer – otherwise you just have an Imaginary friend!

    Ultimately though, I don’t believe (!) that it’s possible to decide to believe in God – you do or you don’t. I’ve found this true of all life’s major “decisions” – they’re not really decisions at all, they are the right thing to do at the time. I didn’t “decide” what career to have or who to marry or whether to have children. On the other hand I agonize over whether to buy a blue or red shirt!

    So I would go out on a limb and say that someone wrestling with whether to believe in God is really wrestling with who they really are. That can take a lifetime to figure out.

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