Giving Away 40 Books in 24 hours!


Shaun Alexander McAfee, who donated the money, chose the two winners: Jeremy and Fr. Joseph.

Jeremy wrote: “If I won 20 books, every man in my weekly men’s group would get a copy.”  

Fr. Joseph wrote: “I would have the books available outside my confessional so that people struggling with this addiction could have the resources they need along with prayer and the grace of the sacraments to overcome these temptations. God bless you!”


A man by the name of Shaun Alexander McAfee recently got in touch with me. He told me wanted to get Delivered into more hands.

He offered to buy two boxes (20 per box) and asked that I run a competition here on my blog and have two winners win a box each.

This will be a quick competition, it’ll be over in 24 hours; 2pm (ET) tomorrow. Here’s how you enter. Tell us in one paragraph what good you could (and would) do with 20 copies of Delivered.

Check out Shaun’s review of Delivered.

50 thoughts on “Giving Away 40 Books in 24 hours!

  1. I’d gladly distribute them to the men in our Cursillo Fourth Day groups and to the Boise Men’s Fraternity which meets on the Boise State campus. Thanks for your ministry!

  2. If I won a box of 20 copies of the book “Delivered,” I would give them to men (and women) who need them, whom I speak to on the street while evangelizing with St. Paul Street Evangelization. I’ll work together with the leadership of the group to figure out the best way of seeking out and identifying the those who need it. I would also encourage them to pass the book on to somebody else after they are done with it.

  3. I’m working with NET Ministries of Ireland this year. I have been sent to Scotland to spread the word of the Lord. Me and my team of 6, including myself run youth groups every Sunday night, with an average turn out of 60 teenagers. ”Delivered” would do these guys the world of good! I would hand the book out to the males during small groups and talk to them a bit about Matt. They have already watched his testimony on youtube, and I’m sure they’re eager to find out more!

  4. I would give them out at my local parish and around the diocese. Perhaps to ministers so they have another resource to reach out to people with this struggle.

  5. I will carry them in my car and hand them out everywhere I could, from CVS parking lots to grocery stores as well as guys coming out of church or dads in the school. Maybe the mail man or the guys from the garbage truck! Maybe the guy at the gas station pumping gas!! I will be very creative but I will make sure I listen to where God is sending me to deliver those books!!!!

  6. I would find some of my significant other’s group mates to give it to, as he’s in therapy for sex addictive behavior.

    Also, to anyone who expressed interest, or looked even interested.

  7. I’d give them out to my friends of both the teenage age and young adult age, i feel that the younger they are when they read about these stories the more likely they hopefully won’t partake in any way of this serious issue, i wish i had this book while i was struggling, so im hoping that even though i didn’t have it, these young men can have it and use it to help themselves if they struggle. (which i would be surprised if they didn’t)

  8. I’d leave them on the windshields of cars all over my town. I’d casually leave them on tables at Starbucks (you know – the ones in the back where no one can remind you to collect your “forgotten” Delivered book:). I’d also leave them on magazine stands at the grocery store, at the train station, in CVS.

  9. What a generous offer by Shaun. It would be powerful to give these books to the FOCUS missionaries at our Newman Center at Ball State University – St. Francis of Assisi. I am confident that our missionaries can get these books into the hands of vulnerable college students at Ball State. Matt, thank you for tackling a tough subject that is so widely accepted in today’s society.

    Ephesians 5:13-14 But everything exposed by the light becomes visible–and everything that is illuminated becomes a light. This is why it is said: “Wake up, sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.”

  10. I would hand out one box to our weekly jail ministry and give the other box to our priest to hand out to those who come out of confession.

  11. I attend a catholic high school that is in need of reform within the student body, the chaplain was wanting to get these books, but he was going to wait. I want to be able to distribute these books before the seniors leave this year. It would be so much appreciated. Thank you!

  12. 20 copies of “Delivered” would help us evangelize High School teens which are constantly inundated with a culture that devalues the image God has given to each of us. We started the Theology of the Body (TOB) for Teens three years and it was a great success. However, we know that it goes so far…constant evangelization is required. “Delivered” would be great real-world tool to demonstrate the damage and perdition from a culture which reduces the person into an object and the Grace which comes from viewing God’s image in each of us.

  13. I would give copies to the fathers of the boys in the Conquest group that I run, and start a book study with them on it! Heal them and help them inoculate their sons.

  14. I live in Georgia and we have a great men’s group! We have men who struggle with pornography and masturbation. I want to inspire our men with the hope of being delivered from these sins and that others have done so with God’s mercy and grace. These books will be a great tool against what the devil is doing to our families! St Michael the Archangel protect us!

  15. After talking with one of the Instructors at Trinity Western University (who is also a local Baptist Pastor) about the issue of pornography so rampant in our culture today, we want to distribute the book on Campus and in dorms, and also have some available for those he counsels that have an addiction. Trinity Western is a Non-Profit Evangelical University and honestly, I will probably buy a box for the campus out of my own pocket if this doesn’t pan out.

  16. I am the RCIA director in my parish. I would love to give out copies to the people learning the truth for the first time, especially our families and young men. I’m sure one couple who came in a few years ago broke up due to a porn addiction. While I do provide them the Catholic truths about the evil of porn, having this book to give out would be incredible! Thank you for your consideration.

  17. I’m a youth minister and would provide these books for the teens as well as to some young adults who I know struggle with this issue. May God bless you for all you do in building the Kingdom of God!

  18. With 20 books I would give a few copies to guys I know with teenage boys. I would also utilize some copies during street evangelization outings. There is a new urban outreach in my diocese so they would receive a couple of copies for teens to have access to. The remaining copies would be for the purpose to hand out for discussion. I would want to have an on-going opportunity so I could possibility provide some accountability to a peer.

  19. We have a men’s group here in the Des Moines Diocese called ManUp! They provide fellowship for men, and both speakers and discussion about how to be godly men. I would make them available at no charge to the men in this group. Many of them were at the Men’s conference you spoke at here in Des Moines a few weeks ago, but there were nowhere near enough copies of this book available for the people who wanted it.

  20. If I won, I would distribute them to my Residents on my floor in the Dorm ( university of Arkansas) since I am their resident assistant.

  21. I loved reading Delivered! It was a FANTASTIC read and one that everyone truly needs to read whether you’ve suffered from an addiction or not! I first discovered it while at a conference that Matt was at at Jesuit High School in Portland, Oregon in March of 2014. If given the opportunity I would share this book with my entire youth group I volunteer with or suggest it be on the required reading list at the local high schools in my city.

  22. “Delivered” would take over California State University, Stanislaus! As President of the Catholic Student Association, I would make sure that our members had copies to read, then encourage them to pass it on to a friend (because as you’ve said Matt, “preaching to the choir” is necessary). I would also reach out to the Student Leadership and Development office and the Associated Students, Inc. and place a copy in every student organization’s(this includes all the fraternities and sororities on campus) and ASI Board of Director’s mailbox. Through our Mama Mary’s intersession, so much conversion can take place if we get these books on campus – especially when we start with student leaders!

  23. I would give one to my husband who abandoned us three years ago and has never seen his two year old little girl. I would give the other 19 to St. Anthony of Padua’s “That Man is You” men’s group.

  24. I work as a missionary, I would firstly keep one for myself and one for each of my team, secondly I would give them out to the lads who go to are youth group, who struggle with porn. So that they may learn to overcome the addiction, an learn to truly love the beauty of the human person

  25. I know 20 young people who need this book including my own son. I would give them this book and continue to pray for them to be delivered. Thanks for a great resource Matt.

  26. I would put a ribbon-bow on it and leave it at places like the library and or in front of magazines which have models showing skin immodestly with a note attached that “this free book is for you, yes you” even on the subway because I have gotten a free book that way before.

  27. As a leader of a small men’s group each member would get one. The others I would have available at an upcoming men’s weekend. Any available after that (though I think they’d be gone by then, I’d give to our parish library. (I’d say confessional but walking out with this book may reveal to other the type of sin confessed.)

  28. I would send 2 copies to all campus ministers at the Catholic High Schools in New Orleans, one for them and one for them to personally give away to a student they feel called to. I would also do the same for the priests in the area along with a note of encouragement for all that they do and take one for our sake and the suggestion to continue what another person has done with offering them out at confession and including order information so that they can esily buy boxes themselves to distribute in confession.

  29. I would put it in the hands of my husband’s mens group, send a few to my oldest son who is in college, and give the remaining to our local youth ministers!

  30. I would post some at the Eastern Catholic Church I go to because talking about sex is so taboo among the Indian community. At least the guys and gals at church can reach for them confidentially if they are struggling with porn. Probably post a few around surprising places like you did with Barnes & Nobles as well.
    Thanks for writing this book!
    God Bless ya

  31. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. I work at the Skaggs Catholic Center, the largest Catholic school parish and campus in the state. Here in Utah, the percentage of people addicted to pornography is some of the highest in the U.S. I work with children who come from well off families, who all have their own electronics before they hit middle school. I would love to have copies of this book to supply to the high school campus ministry program, who could surely use them in their offices and classrooms! Thanks!

  32. I would distribute them in various Chinese Catholic youth and young adults groups. Chinese families often avoid talking about the topic of sex altogether, nevermind the topic of porn. I think giving them a book (to read at their own privacy) could make the information (and transformation) much more accessible to them rather than trying to open a conversation about it. With God’s grace, I am sure this book will transform lives and equip leaders to extend the victory of Jesus’ cross.

  33. I’m actually looking into starting a support group for men dealing with an addiction to porn, this would be required reading for my group members. This book changed my life in ways I hope I can express someday, and I’m definitely passing it on to more guys with the hopes it can help bring them out of the bondage they’re in.

  34. I would share some at my workplace (crisis pregnancy center) with our clients and their significant others. The remainder I would share with couples in our Retrouvaille CORE Group.

  35. I would have the books available outside my confessional so that people struggling with this addiction could have the resources they need along with prayer and the grace of the sacraments to overcome these temptations. God bless you!

  36. I will give them students at the University of St. Thomas. Even though a majority of the students are catholic, there are still a number of students who need someone to reach out to them. Girls walk through campus wearing little or no clothes, a good number of the men are addicted to porn or sex and could use a copy of this book, and the campus as a whole needs a conversion! Please help me start with the copies of your book.

  37. I know I’m a little late on this competition but I thought I should at least try 🙂 I’m a senior at Murrieta Mesa High School and sadly have seen a huge amount of teens that have just given into pornography willingly…including myself. Luckily, a couple of years ago I saw you at a Steubenville West Retreat and listened to your talk along with some of the other guys in my youth group. Your talk inspired me to end watching pornography and to focus on my future life, my future potential, my future wife… You passed out hundreds of copies of your talk “Taking down Goliath” and told the other guys that we could burn your CD and make copies under one condition, that we pass it on to people that we care about. I intend to do the same thing if I win a box of your books. After I finish reading your book, I would pass it on to someone that I care about and want to get away from pornography. I would pass the 20 copies to my friends at school, my friends at church, and my younger brother that I fear in the future will fall to porn. Like I said, I know I’m late for this competition but I thought I should take a chance like you did when you shared your story to the hundreds of male teenagers at the Steubenville West Retreat. Despite this competition I just want you to know that you changed my life and I hope I can do the same for the coming generations after me. Thanks Matt

  38. It has been only within the past week that the issue of pornography has bombarded my life. My parish priest asked for my input on how to handle the issue of pornography amongst the students within our Catholic High School. As the mother of many boys, and only boys, it is an issue I am very concerned about. Even the most vigilant of parents cannot prevent all exposure to pornography. After the conversation with my priest, I stumbled upon the video related to pornography on the Catholic Answers website. I watched it, and thought it might be good for me to make a donation to the cause and receive a few copies of the book, Delivered, and Matt Fradd’s video, The Man Talk. The thought was still on my mind when it was brought to my attention that a few people I am close to are struggling with pornography. It has now become a more personal issue for me. Today, I dig deeper and discover Matt Fradd’s website, and this conversation. I know exactly what I would do with the books. I would read the first one, then give a copy to the families I know of who are dealing with the issue of pornography. I would then figure out how many more copies I would need in order to get a copy into the hands of every family with a student in our high school, as well as the theology teachers. I would find a way to purchase the extra books and distribute them next fall. This would tie in well with the plans to schedule Matt to come and speak to the students next fall. Kids (and adults alike) need to know that there is hope for overcoming such a powerful evil. It seems as if Matt Fradd’s book, Delivered, as well as his testimony and ministry would offer such hope.

  39. I am encouraged by all the various Men’s groups out there requesting a box of your book. All praise to God for bringing men forward to lead a sexual purity group and help others in that area.

  40. I would dontate the books to Holy Family Catholic High School for use in the Theology and Apostolic Ministry department. It would be especially useful for the Senior level course on Catholic Marriage and Sexuality, and/or as a general resource for the students.

  41. I just took over as leader for our church’s youth men’s group. It started last year after one of the leaders sat down with our young men and had some really good conversations about our faith. They ended up creating a group that meets weekly and it’s called the Benedictine Brothers. When I met with the man who I’m replacing and tried to understand what these young men have already talked about, he told me that the biggest problem (and of course it’s a growing epidemic) was porn and masturbation. These young men, future leaders of our church are struggling with something that they can’t stop alone. They need help. I plan to give away your books to these young men in hopes of saving even one soul from these sinful problems.

  42. I would take these twenty books and I would read the first one; hope.
    I would take the rest and pass them out to the six sons I raised; hope.
    I would pass the rest out to my 5 daughters; hope.
    I would send one to my wife; hope.
    I don’t have much left that I haven’t hurt. I am a product of severe father wounds and all I have left is Christ and hope. I hope everyone will reach out and help stop the industry that is taking the future of our children away from them. Hope! Through Christ our Lord, Amen

  43. My RCIA contains 18 young men and women who are in desperate need of this kind of resource, unfortunately, I do not have all the finances that I need to give them everything. We are near a Marine base, and the level of porn and whatnot is incredible around here. This would be a fantastic resource for our RCIA.

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