Fornication Is Sooo 1990’s!

Despite the impression you may have gotten from the media, sexual activity rates among teenagers have actually been decreasing.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has been tracking the sexual activity rates, in the US, of never-married males and females aged 15-19. In 1988 they found that 51% of teenage girls and 60 % of teenage boys had been sexually active, leaving as virgins only 49% of teenage girls and 40% of teenage boys.

When I speak to teens on the topic of chastity, I present that fact and then ask if they think that in the 20 + years which have elapsed the percentage of teenagers having sex has gone up or down. They say, without hesitation, “gone up!” They are always surprised, as you may be, to discover that the opposite is true.

Since 1988 the number of unmarried teenagers having sex has been steadily decreasing so that today the majority of teens in the U.S are virgins! No, that wasn’t a typo, I’ll write it again – today, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services 57% of never-married teenage girls and 58%(!) of never-married teenage boys are virgins! See for yourself:


You can see the document by clicking here. Scroll down to page 6 to see the graph above.

The beautiful thing about chastity is it is a virtue everyone, regardless of the mistakes they may have made in the past, can embrace.

For the past 15+ years Jason & Crystalina Evert have travelled the world proclaiming the good news about the Church’s teaching on human sexuality – it’s an honor to join them in this noble and much needed mission.

Take a look at this stupidly-inspirational clip of a woman who made the decision to save herself for marriage after hearing the Everts when she was in middle school; then send it on to every uptight, sour-faced teacher who ever told you chastity was an out-of-date and impossible for teens to live out:

[wpvideo OveyauLS]



4 thoughts on “Fornication Is Sooo 1990’s!

  1. Thanks Matt, I hope this is one study where the facts are correct. The video at the end of your blog is great, it really gives me hope for my daughters. Many thanks to Jason Evert and his wife for helping teens stay chaste.

  2. How many of these young people never had intercourse because they masturbated to pornography instead, or limited their sexual activity to oral sex?

    Porn makes young men feel like masturbating is much easier than having a real, actual girlfriend, and porn makes young women feel like having sex with the average porn-sullied male their age would be a degrading experience.

    So the fact that the actual intercouse rates have gone down doesn’t automatically mean it’s only due to good reasons all-around.

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