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Vertical_3D_cover3I just created a little ebook (Click Here to enter your email and BAM, I’ll send it to you) to help people evangelize and apologize (as in “apologetics,” not, “I’m so sorry I’m Catholic!”).

It seems to me that building a case for the Faith is a lot like building a house, a mansion, one floor at a time.

Those outside the mansion, in the thought experiment, would be atheists; those on the first floor, theists who believe in a generic god; those on the second floor, theists who believe in the Christian God; and finally those on the third floor would be theists who believe in the Christian God and the truth claims of the Catholic Church.

Our goal as Catholic apologists is to lead others out of the darkness of unbelief to the summit of the mansion, the Catholic Church, which contains the fullness of truth.

This ebook will help you do that more effectively.

Hope you enjoy!


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