Catholic to Atheist in 3 Easy Steps

Pope Pius XII
Pope Pius XII

I happened upon a quote from Pope Pius XII which I thought some may find enlightening:

“Christ, yes! Church, no! Afterwards: God, yes! Christ, no! Finally, the impious shout, God is dead; even, God never existed.”

Pope Pius XII, Allocution to the Union of Men of Catholic Action, 1953.

What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Catholic to Atheist in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Sounds about right. It’s the formula for gradualism – Satan’s great “trick.” Let’s face it: few things get more conservative, traditional or disciplined. Faults and imperfections get exposed…and weak humans use them to excuse their own evil. Our foremost weakness is that we are open to that which excuses.

  2. Pretty much the path I took. I was raised by a fundamentalist father and a mainline Protestant mother, so I had one foot in the grave and another on a theological banana peel as it was. Pretty much went fundie->mainline->deist->agnostic/”spiritual but not religious”->atheist and them had to make almost exactly the opposite trip back, only this time I managed to hop from deist to “mere Christianity” and from there rather quickly hot-footed to Catholicism. It’s an almost ineluctable progression up and down the scale, once you gain (or lose) interest in the Truth.

  3. I agree. I actually believe that Protestantism paved the way for militant atheism. Sometimes when engaging in apologetics, it is hard to tell them apart because of the words they say.

    1. very true. Luther is partially to blame for the gradual abandonment of God over the past 500 years. Atheists have always been around, but this mass cultural regression to secular naturalism in now in Europe and America could not have happened if Christendom had not been so divided. Catholics ourselves have to shoulder some of the blame as well, for being such bad Christians.

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