Responding to Transgenderism With Logic and Charity

In this article I will address the growing issue of transgenderism, give three examples of this crisis, and then conclude by suggesting three approaches to take when addressing proponents of this view. Let me begin by summing it up in a nutshell (or a... Read More


The Economics of Sex

The Austin Institute for the study of family and culture has recently produced a visually stimulating and thought-provoking little video on the economics of sex. So, what do you think?  Read More →


Start Thinking About Sex!

We live in a sexualized culture. We all know that, right? Then again, perhaps we only think we know that. Perhaps it’s sorta become like the story of the fish who said to his mother, “Where’s the ocean everyone’s talking about?” It’s... Read More


Questions on Marriage (mp3)

Cameron and me on our wedding day. Last week my wife and I had the honor of speaking on the topic of marriage to a large group of Chaldean Rite Catholics (Yes, Roman Catholicism isn’t the only “type” of Catholicism). The talk was entitled,... Read More


A Succinct Defense of Marriage

This is perhaps the best, succinct argument for marriage that I’ve heard. I encourage you to watch it several times and then share it with friends. It was offered by Ryan Anderson to the Indiana House Judiciary Committee earlier this week. Anderson... Read More

Homosexuality and the “Duck Dynasty” Debate

The following article was written byTrent Horn, and is posted here with his permission. Caution: This post contains graphic depictions of human anatomy and sex acts. So apparently there’s a popular reality show on A&E called Duck Dynasty that... Read More

Porn and Naked Art: What’s the Difference?

An image from the Sistine Chapel A question I am often asked when speaking on the topic of pornography is ‘what’s the difference between nude art and pornography?’ A reasonable question. Some have gone so far as to argue that it may... Read More

3 Resources to Help Teach Chastity to Your Kids

A few years back while speaking in Canada I was asked a question: “What good chastity resources are there out there for kids? Not teens; kids.” I couldn’t think of one. Not because there weren’t any, but because I hadn’t... Read More

The Science of Sex Differences

There is a growing number of people in our nation today who think that sex (that is, maleness and femaleness) is not an objective biological reality, but rather a social construct. Accordingly, instead of “sex” they prefer to use “gender”—a... Read More

Should a Christian Woman Wear a Bikini?

A couple of weeks back I decided to take my five year old son, Liam, and four year old daughter, Avila, to a friends pool for a swim. Liam and I were sitting on the couch waiting for Avila to get in her bathers on. Avila strutted into the living room... Read More

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