Start Thinking About Sex!

We live in a sexualized culture. We all know that, right? Then again, perhaps we only think we know that. Perhaps it’s sorta become like the story of the fish who said to his mother, “Where’s the ocean everyone’s talking about?” It’s simply all around us. Case in point (not really sure what that phrase means), […]

Questions on Marriage (mp3)

Last week my wife and I had the honor of speaking on the topic of marriage to a large group of Chaldean Rite Catholics (Yes, Roman Catholicism isn’t the only “type” of Catholicism). The talk was entitled, 7 Things You Need To Know Before Getting Married. Many of you asked us to record and share the […]

A Succinct Defense of Marriage

This is perhaps the best, succinct argument for marriage that I’ve heard. I encourage you to watch it several times and then share it with friends. It was offered by Ryan Anderson to the Indiana House Judiciary Committee earlier this week. Anderson is the co-author of the book, What Is Marriage? Man and Woman: A Defense. […]

The Science of Sex Differences

There is a growing number of people in our nation today who think that sex (that is, maleness and femaleness) is not an objective biological reality, but rather a social construct. Accordingly, instead of “sex” they prefer to use “gender”—a word that, until late last century, referred exclusively to language (most languages apart from English […]