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In order to get up and supported we need to raise 15k Whaaaaa? You heard (read) me. Water’s free; whiskey costs money! Check out my go-fund-me site. Please help me out by praying, sharing, and donating  Read More →


Giving Away 40 Books in 24 hours!

Shaun Alexander McAfee, who donated the money, chose the two winners: Jeremy and Fr. Joseph. Jeremy wrote: “If I won 20 books, every man in my weekly men’s group would get a copy.”   Fr. Joseph wrote: “I would have the books available... Read More

Struggling with porn can be an effective means of growing in virtue.

Why Struggling With Porn Is A Good Thing

Struggling with porn can be an effective means of growing in virtue. Whenever I’m interviewed on the topic of pornography, my interviewer usually begins by reminding the audience of what a ginormous problem pornography is. He then lists some (questionable)... Read More


How To Tell Your Fiance You Struggle With Porn

I get many emails from men asking my advice on how to break the news to their girlfriend/finance about their struggles with porn. This short blog will be a summation of my thoughts, how I typically respond to such a question. Should I Even Tell Her? Let’s... Read More


Overcoming Porn: Why Spiritual Advice Isn’t Enough

In this post I’d like to address what I consider to be a problematic approach that Christians sometimes take when counseling those addicted to pornography. It’s the nothing-but-spiritual-advice approach. This approach is problematic for two... Read More


3 Self-Interested Reasons to Be Porn Free

There are many good reasons to decide to live a porn-free life: It’s a sin; it can be addictive; it objectifies people, and so forth. In this post, however, I want to share three self-interested reasons to be porn free that are, perhaps, just as... Read More


Internet Accountability. Why It’s Essential.

Covenant Eyes invented accountability software. They’re the best in the biz. This 9 minute video is a fantastic introduction to what it’s all about:  Read More →


Duke University’s Porn Star

You’ve probably heard the news: A freshman at Duke University is doing porn. Word got out that she was a “porn star” and so she decided to defend her decision by giving an interview to Duke’s student newspaper. You’re Shocked,... Read More

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Shattering The Myths of Pornography!

Ignatius Press recently contacted me about writing a book on pornography. The angle we decided to take was one that exposes common myths about the pornography. In order to make this book the best it can be I decided to seek the help of a friend of mine... Read More

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100 Book GiveAway! #FoReals

If you want your book to be a best seller, give it away: Leave it in stores; leave it on windshields; give it to your grandma; give it to priests to give to penitents—just give it away! And that’s what we’ve done. At the end of 2014, Delivered... Read More

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