Jason Evert

Matt Fradd is unquestionably one of the most exciting young speakers in the Church today. His vibrant love for the faith coupled by his joy, humor, and eloquence make him a powerful force for the New Evangelization. Whether the topic is pornography, chastity, or the basic gospel message, his testimony is compelling for audiences of […]

Tim Staples

“Matt Fradd is an exceptional speaker, a gifted evangelist, and a rising star in the world of apologetics. His talks are the perfect balance between an intellectual depth presented in an understandable fashion and an entertaining style that keeps his audiences riveted.”

Sarah Swafford

Matt Fradd is one of the most dynamic and engaging voices in the Church today. His ability to take on tough topics and issues with sincerity and clarity is so rare and refreshing! The way he engages his audiences with truth and love is powerful…. you want him at your next event!

Sr. Cecilia Joseph

“Our event was a HUGE success and Matt did an AWESOME job. In the short time that has passed since the event, I have heard so many positive comments about Matt’s talk to the 7th and 8th grade students. It was PERFECT and just what they needed to hear. It really spoke to their hearts.”

Steve Ray

With his smooth and easy-on-the-ears Aussie accent, Matt Fradd is not only an entertaining speaker but he’s profoundly knowledgable about the Catholic Faith. Whether it is explaining atheism, the Trinity or how to carry on a good discussion with non-Catholics, he is a crowd pleaser on a great number of topics. While he is thorough and in […]