How To Explain (and Not Explain) The Trinity

The mystery of the Most Holy Trinity is the “central mystery of [our] faith” (Catechism of the Catholic Church 234). It is therefore the most fundamental. If we get it wrong, then everything else gets obscured or perverted. The Catechism summarizes... Read More


One Mediator Between God and Man: A Socratic Dialogue

One of my readers wrote to me today and asked if I would briefly explain how to respond to a protestant who says that since Christ is the one mediator between God and man, going to the saints for intercession is inappropriate. Since I’m sitting... Read More

Depiction of God the Father offering the right hand throne to Christ, Pieter de Grebber, 1654.

The 8 Attributes of God

Depiction of God the Father offering the right hand throne to Christ, Pieter de Grebber, 1654. St Thomas Aquinas, in the first part of his Summa Theologica, after having enumerated five proofs for the existence of God, proceeds to outline and explicate... Read More


Thomas Aquinas’ Argument From Finality of Being: A Socratic Dialogue

St. Thomas Aquinas In this conversation, Brad and Sarah discuss St. Thomas Aquinas’ fifth proof for the existence of God, the argument from finality. You can read their conversation about Aquinas’ first two proofs here, their conversation... Read More


Thomas Aquinas’ Argument From Degrees of Being: A Socratic Dialogue

St. Thomas Aquinas In today’s discussion Brad and Sarah discuss the fourth way of St. Thomas Aquinas to prove the existence of God. You can read their discussion of the first and second way here and their discussion of Thomas’ third way here. Brad:... Read More

Blessed Virgin Mary, The Helper in Childbirth

Why The Virgin Mary is Necessary for our Salvation: A Socratic Dialogue

These dialogues aren’t meant to cover every aspect of, or every objection to, each doctrine. There’s more that could be said, obviously. They’re meant to be a fun and intellectually stimulating introduction to Catholic teachings that can sometimes... Read More


Why I Don’t Lie to my Children About Santa Claus

And the winner of this year’s most controversial post goes to (drum roll . . . ) this one (or this one?)! A few years back when our children got old enough to understand the story of Father Christmas (you may know him as Santa Claus), my wife and... Read More


Who or What Should be the Heart of Catechesis

“Catechesis” comes from the Greek word, katekhesis, meaning “instruction by word of mouth.” Broadly speaking, then, catechesis may refer to any number of disciplines that are taught orally. However, “catechesis” has come... Read More


Mortal Sin: A Socratic Dialogue

Sam: What do y’all mean when you say “mortal sin”? Justin: Ah, good question, the Catechism of the Catholic Church says in paragraph 1857, “For a sin to be mortal, three conditions must together be met: ‘Mortal sin is... Read More


My Debate With Ex-Catholic, Baptist Pastor

  Last year I was on my way to Chicago to deliver some talks with Catholic Answers. During the flight I had the opportunity to share the gospel with a man sitting beside me. Read More  Read More →

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