Is Mary the Mother of God? A Socratic Dialogue

The following is a fictitious Socratic styled dialogue between John, a Protestant who rejects the doctrine of Mary, Mother of God (Theotokos) and Mark, a Catholic who (obviously) doesn’t. enjoy! Or don’t. Either way, let me know what you... Read More


How To Explain (and Not Explain) The Trinity

This essay was originally published in Catholic Answers Magazine The mystery of the Most Holy Trinity is the “central mystery of [our] faith” (Catechism of the Catholic Church 234). It is therefore the most fundamental. If we get it wrong, then everything... Read More


Jesus: Lord, Liar, Lunatic, or Legend?

The credibility of Jesus Christ is central to the Christian faith. If he is credible then we can trust what he said about God—including, for example, that God is a Trinity of three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. It all comes down... Read More


5 Dumb Things People Say About Truth

In this post we will look at 5 self-referentially incoherent things people say about truth and how one might respond. Self-referentiall incoherence is a logical fallacy in which some claim is made which, upon being applied to itself, refutes itself.... Read More


What Are The Five Ways of Thomas Aquinas?

Perhaps the most popular set of arguments for the existence of God are Thomas’ five ways: The proof from motion, the proof from causality, the proof from the contingency of the world, the proof from grades of perfection, and the proof from finality. It’s... Read More


A Succinct Defense of Marriage

This is perhaps the best, succinct argument for marriage that I’ve heard. I encourage you to watch it several times and then share it with friends. It was offered by Ryan Anderson to the Indiana House Judiciary Committee earlier this week. Anderson... Read More


Did Jesus build his Church upon Peter?

In the following 7 minute interview I (very) briefly answer the following three questions: 1. Was Peter primary among the apostles? 2. Was Peter the rock upon which Christ would build his Church? 3. How can Peter be the foundation when 1 Corinthians... Read More


3 Things Vatican II Did Not Teach

The Second Vatican Council (1962-1965). In my experience, when someone ends a sentence with, “which is, after all, the spirit of Vatican II” or, “the spirit of Pope John XXIII”, they almost never know what they mean. In fact the... Read More


Arguing with Non-Catholics

A couple of nights ago I gave my talk, How to Win an Argument Without Losing a Soul. After the talk we had about 30 minutes of questions and answers. Here is the audio of that Q&A. Read More  Read More →


Pope Francis said WHAT at the 3rd Vatican Council?

I was contacted by a protestant friend of mine this morning who was quite disturbed by what Pope Francis had apparently said at the 3rd Vatican Council. “Let me stop you right there, I said…” He pointed me to a website. the following... Read More

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