G’day, thank you for visiting my site. I—if you couldn’t tell from that gigantic banner up there—am a Catholic apologist and speaker. This is my personal blog.

It’s my hope that the content you’ll find here will equip you to be a more effective apologist.

An apologist, in case you were wondering, is not someone who apologizes. And here you were thinking I made my living by apologizing for the Catholic faith. Nope.

An apologist is one who defends, so as a Catholic apologist, I defend the Catholic faith.

For the Catholic, apologetics is an umbrella term that encompasses three branches: Theistic apologetics: arguing for God’s existence from the natural world; Christian apologetics: Arguing for the historicity and credibility of Jesus Christ; and Catholic apologetics: Arguing for the truths put forth by the Catholic Church; that it is the true Church; that it was founded by Christ, etc.

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My Biography

Matt Fradd is a Catholic apologist and speaker, as well as the executive director of The Porn Effect, a website dedicated to helping men and women break free from pornography. He is the author/editor of several books including, 20 Answers Atheism and Delivered: True Stories of Men and Women who Turned From Porn to Purity. Matt speaks to tens of thousands of people every year. He lives in Georgia with his wife Cameron and their four children.

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