Arguing with Non-Catholics


A couple of nights ago I gave my talk, How to Win an Argument Without Losing a Soul.

After the talk we had about 30 minutes of questions and answers. Here is the audio of that Q&A.

Questions Asked

1. My friend said he doesn’t need grace because he already has it?

2. How do I explain the Eucharist to my Protestant friend?

3. What is a loving way to end a conversation that’ not going anywhere?

4. I have a tough time being a good Catholic without bringing others along, so I avoid evangelizing. Is that okay?

5. My friend always bashes the Church. How should I respond to him? Should I call it quits?

6. I get very passionate about my faith. I am often accused of shouting and coming off as too strong. Suggestions?

7. I have an acquaintance who has a gripe against a Bishop. Because of that he has left the Church. How do I witness to someone like that?

8. Is only the Catholic religion true? Will Catholics be the only ones saved?

5 thoughts on “Arguing with Non-Catholics

    1. Of course. In the past I’ve made the mistake of “winging it” instead of being humble and just admitting, “that’s a good question. I don’t know the answer, but here’s a source that might e of help.” I aways pray for humility before these sessions, now.

      1. Hahaha! I love your sense of humor! You were fantastic at the Ave Maria conference back in July. 🙂 Do you think you’ll come again?

        How did you start learning about the Faith? Answering questions, I mean. I would love to be an apologist, but I have no idea where to start.

      2. Rana, thank you. If they invite me back I’d love to come back!

        I started learning about my faith (and continue to learn about it) because I was and am intensely interested in questions about God, and life, and meaning, etc.

        Here’s an mp3 I’d suggest:

        Also, make sure you have read the following books:

        Answering Atheism by Trent Horn
        Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis
        Rome Sweet Home by Scott Hahn.

        I hope that is a help

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