3 Resources to Help Teach Chastity to Your Kids


A few years back while speaking in Canada I was asked a question: “What good chastity resources are there out there for kids? Not teens; kids.” I couldn’t think of one.

Not because there weren’t any, but because I hadn’t really thought about it.

Well now that I my toddlers are growing into children I am massively concerned about it.

Here then are 3 resources for you and your children that will help to teach them about the virtue of chastity.

1. The Joyful Mysteries of Life


The Joyful Mysteries of Life was written by Catholic parents for their own children, this book introduces the “facts of life” to pre-teens in a reverent and respectful manner by presenting the biological facts in the context of meditations on the joyful mysteries of the Rosary. Chastity is shown to be the Christian way of living out God’s will as it encourages an attitude of reverence for the mysteries of procreation.

2. The Squire and the Scroll / The Princess and the Kiss


These are a great couple of books with outstanding artwork. The Squire and the Scroll is for boys, and The Princess and the Kiss for girls. Both books appeal to the natural desires boys and girls have for adventure, battle, romance.  I’ve read them both to my children and they enjoyed them! They were learning about chastity without realizing that they were learning about chastity.

3. Prayer

Family Praying The Rosary

Finally, I’d like to share with you a prayer which I learnt from Christopher West that I pray over my children each night.

“Heavenly Father, I thank you for making [name] a good boy/girl, I pray that he/she would grow up to be a strong man/beautiful woman, to give his/her life away as a priest/nun or a husband/wife. Hail Mary . . . ”

I love this prayer for three reasons:

1. It reinforces within them the goodness of their own sex and hence the goodness of their bodies: It is good to be a boy! It is good to be a girl!

2. It’s a constant reminder that their life is not just about them, it’s meant for something much larger, it is meant to be given away!

3. It introduces from a young age that religious life is a good and viable option.

Or course, in order to teach your children the virtue of chastity, you must first know what it is! To learn more about chastity and the Church’s liberating view on human sexuality, spend more time at www.chastityproject.org

Join the Conversation!

What resources have your heard of or have found helpful when teaching chastity to children?

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5 thoughts on “3 Resources to Help Teach Chastity to Your Kids

  1. I completely second that!!! Somebody out there, please start making theology of the body accessible for parents to share with their elementary age children!

  2. Matt, I’ve heard about one more book that teaches chastity to young children. It is Forever You: A Book about Your Soul and Body by Nicole Lataif.
    I teach religion to young children, 1st to 3rd grade and I just realized how much they need education in virtue of chastity. Some of them are exposed to pornography from very early age. At first I was hesistant as to whether I need to talk about it, but the more I spend time with them the more I realize that it is urgent need to tell them the good news about the way they were created.
    Matt, thank you for your ministry. God bless you and your familiy

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