3 Reasons You Need To Get This Book!

Thanks to Catholic Answers, my wife and I are able to sell our new book for wives for as low as $2 a book. Read on and you’ll learn why you or someone you love needs it.

book-cover-1There are resources for men who struggle with porn; resources for women who struggle with porn. There are even resources for parents to help their kids not struggle with porn.

But what’s out there for wives? Don’t get me wrong, there are some fantastic things out there (see here, here, and here), but can you name, say, five? Three? Two?

This is a problem!

Usually after I have given a presentation on pornography, I meet more than one wife whose husband looks at porn. The first thing she asks me is, “what can I do about him?”

This question bothers me not because it isn’t valid, but because I know this woman needs to be asking a prior question that may not have even occurred to her—how do I heal? What can be done to help me with the trauma I’m experiencing?

This new book, Restored: True Stories of Love and Trust After Porn, was written and edited by my wife, Cameron, and me and it’s phenomenal.

I can say that without pride because within this book are 10 beautifully raw and honest accounts of real women and couples whose lives were shattered by porn’s destructive effects.

But because God’s grace is stronger, they were able to find healing and hope, trust renewed, and intimacy Restored.

3 Reasons to Get the Book!

So, if you’ve found what I’ve said until now unpersuasive, here are 3 reasons, from three very awesome women, why you should get Restored.

1. “While hard to read, Restored is an important resource for women to know that they are not alone.  It is a powerful testament that there is hope for their marriage and hope for conversion.  Every wife who has had to deal with pornography in her marriage should read this book.”

Jackie Francois Angel

2. “Countless women feel trapped by their partner’s pornography use, and feel ashamed and alone in their struggles. Through the raw and honest testimonies contained in Restored, readers will discover that it’s possible to break through the silence and find hope, healing, and encouragement.”

Crystalina Evert, Chastity Project

3. “For years, I have listened to stories of pornography tearing apart relationships and marriages. Restored captures those voices of pain and trial, but also reveals the beauty of forgiveness, love, and mercy – the mercy shown from one human heart to another and the bountiful mercy of our God. Thank you, Matt and Cameron for this great gift to our Church.”

Sarah Swafford, Emotional Virtue Ministries

Read more reviews here.

Read a free chapter of the book here.


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