Audio Interview with a Porn Star

On the 29th of May I interviewed former porn star, April Garris at Theology on Tap here in San Diego. April’s story is  powerful one which destroys the, often convenient, myths we believe and reveals the truth behind the porn’s fantasy. What April shares is what the porn industry does not want you to know. As sad as this story is, it is also a story of great hope. Though April has suffered deeply from her time in the industry, she has also found much hope and healing through, with and in Jesus Christ.

If you like what your about to hear, be sure to also pick up a copy of my new 2 CD set, The Ugly Truth where, on the first CD, I interview April (at greater length) and on the second CD I speak with former Playboy producer, Donny Pauling about 10 commonly held myths about the porn industry.

Here now is the interview followed by a Q&A

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3 thoughts on “Audio Interview with a Porn Star

  1. Horrifying and sobering. Especially the idea of “servicing with my body.” The dehumanizing aspects of the culture of death echo-on. Also, her patient love for those ensnared is inspiring.

  2. This is very hard to listen to but good to know how degrading this kind of job is for a woman and that they are definitely not enjoying it but are actually raped.

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