100 Book GiveAway! #FoReals

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If you want your book to be a best seller, give it away: Leave it in stores; leave it on windshields; give it to your grandma; give it to priests to give to penitents—just give it away!

And that’s what we’ve done. At the end of 2014, Delivered shouldn’t be called a best-seller, it should be called a best-successful-awkward-giveaway…or something.

Ten Thousand Copies

We’ve now sold (and have given away) well over 10,000 copies of Delivered; we’ve just printed 10,000 more, and we’ve just been contacted by a publishing house in Poland who hope to translate it into Polish. Dostarczone, I think that’s Polish for Delivered (I have no idea how to pronounce that. I imagine it involves something like regurgitating.)

100 book Giveaway!

I’d like to give away 100 copies of my book, Delivered, to 10 different people (put your calculator away, I’ll just tell you; 10 books each) for free. Free. We’ll even pay the postage.

But! This isn’t an ordinary giveaway. In order to be in the running, you have to agree to the following:

1. Place books (one or more at a time) in random locations (Gas stations; Old-folks homes; outside strip clubs—be creative!)

2. Take photo of the book in that random location

3. Tweet that photo. That you took. In that random location with a clever one-liner AND (that’s me being emphatic) the hashtag: #mattfradddelivereddotcom

Here are some of the places I’ve placed the book:

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 11.39.36 AM

Alright? You got it?

Thank You, Covenant Eyes!

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “But Matt, how ever will you afford to give away 100 copies of your book?” Good question. Two words: Covenant Eyes. Covenant Eyes, in case you don’t know, invented internet accountability (yep, I used the word “invented”). They are, in my (totally biased) opinion, the best internet accountability/filtering software available. They have agreed to not only pay for the books but to pay for the shipping also. Now, be awesome and learn more about them, Ok?

You can also download a free ebook of theirs about how porn affects the brain. Just sayin’.

What Wouldn’t Be Cool

1. It wouldn’t be cool if you entered to win these 10 books (we’ll let you keep one if you’d like), and then not give them away/take photos/tweet about it.

That’s it. Most other things would be cool. Well. Not most other things … #BackOnDecaf.

What Would Be Cool

1. You bought a case of Delivered regardless of whether you win this contest or not. You can by them for $2 each (1 case = 20 books).

2. You pray for the success of this book. I have entrusted it entirely to the Holy Mother of God. Please join me in praying for those who will read it, and for all men and women struggling to be delivered from porn. Hail Mary . . .

3. You downloaded this free ebook from Covenant Eyes about how porn affects the brain. Just sayin’.


In four weeks (from when the books are sent out) we will select the most creative image, you know, the one that you took in that random location and then tweeted about (not forgetting to include: #mattfradddelivereddotcom), and send that person three gifts (again, totally free—because we’re awesome):

1) A box of Delivered: True Stories of Men and Women Who Turned From Porn To Purity (I guess we’re giving away 120 books!).



2. Pure of Heart: Breaking From Porn (5 CD’s worth of audio).



3. The Ugly Truth: Two Former Insiders Expose The Reality Behind The Porn Industry (Two separate interviews: The first with a former porn star, the second with a former playboy producer).



How To Enter

Leave a comment below. Tell us one place you’d leave a copy of Deliveredalong with your twitter handle (we need to know that you’re a real person with a real twitter account).

* We can only send books to addresses in the States. That’s lame, I know. Sorry.

178 thoughts on “100 Book GiveAway! #FoReals

  1. I am extremely interested in this!!! I do not have a twitter, though. I have been becoming more aware of this serious problem through different events recently. If I had the chance to do this I would leave one at the bars here, and in the adult section of our “family” video store. God bless you and thank you for you ministry!

  2. I’d leave a copy at my local coffee shop. A
    Also would post an ad in the personals section of Craigslist, offering to send a free copy to those who request it.

  3. @pharbo I will leave one with the other reading materials at the senior center, another in the convenience store magazine section. Another in the public library branch I frequent. The rest you’ll have to look at my tweets to see.

  4. I would leave one in every school lunch room for the teachers to read. I would create a post on Kijji here in Essex, Ont. and deliver one to whom ever asks in the local area. I would bring it to the downtown mission and the Windsor jail. I would give one to each women at a Cursio that is being hosted by parishioners of my church. I would bring them to the women’s and mens monthly Catholic breakfast (Maybe I need two boxes :)). I would bring several to Brentwood an addiction help center. Lord make me an instrument.

  5. I would have my husband put on in the bathroom of his office. I would put some in the narthex of our parish. There will be adoration each Saturday during lent, for men only, to pray for the end if pornography and all the evil it involves.

  6. I’d leave the book by the statue of Homer on the Lawn at the University of Virginia. “Tradition” holds that students at UVa “streak the Lawn” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Streaking_at_educational_institutions#University_of_Virginia) before graduating, which involves running the length of the Lawn (255 ft), kissing the buttocks of the statue, and then running back up to the Rotunda at the head of the Lawn. Drunk, naked college students would be in for quite a surprise at 4am!

    My twitter handle is @canesx23. Thanks for your awesome work, Matt, and God bless!

  7. In addition to planting a copy with my brother and roommates, I would like to use some of the books as an “art installation” at my school. There is a two story courtyard that would be a great place to suspend the books to the first floor. The books would hover in mid air right at people’s eye level. Perhaps they could be opened to key pages with key phrases highlighted. Perhaps they would not be read as thoroughly or passed around as much, but the highlighted “nuggets” will spike interest and big moves like this always start a buzz.

  8. I direct a pregnancy resource center. We see a lot of women impacted by unhealthy sexual relationships, and I know some have talked about porn use by themselves or their partners. I would love to bring several there…even leave them in the waiting room with a note that says they can take it home.

    I am (periodically) on Twitter…just getting the hang of it!

    Ministry Twitter handle is:

  9. My Twitter handle is @dcnchip.

    I’d leave a copy (or two) of the book in the narthex of the church; one of the most devastated populations of porn consumers is in the Church!

    Our men are being silently boiled alive, a degree at a time, as Satan turns up the heat on the false sexuality porn promotes. We are killing marriages, slowly, whole buying the lie. By. B

  10. @ackergirl

    Matt! Ah! I would love a copy of your book! If I had to pick where I would leave them – I’d leave copies in the Adoration chapels at two local parishes that have perpetual Adoration. And at the local high school. And probably one in a shopping basket at Kroger. And one in the mailbox of a friend who struggles with porn, and another in the hands of a person who overcame his addiction. You didn’t need to know where every book I would hopefully win would go, but that would be my plan-ish. Hope you are well!

  11. Being a college student, I can think of numerous places I could leave these books. One of the places would be next to a “newspaper” that promotes and encourages students to liberate themselves sexually and talks about using porn and masturbation to help them do that.

    Especially after hearing you speak at SEEK 2013, I’d love to bring your message to my campus.

    May God bless you and your family! I have faith that He will see the success of this book.

    My twitter handle is @brieannalee

    1. Hello! I’ve just found your website, and it’s an amazing thing to see for me. I’ve been struggling with a porn addiction, even though it was difficult for me to admit to until right now. I found your website by complete accident, and already you’re helping me find ways to kick the habit, and extremely big reasons to kick it, and I thank you. 🙂 I would love a copy of your book, and I have a plan on where I’d leave it.

      First off, I go to a High School, so I have plenty of clever places to put it. I have the High School Library, and our Office, and other teachers rooms where I could “loose” it in. I would write a message on the inside stating that if you found the book, to read it if you’d like, or give it to one of your friends, then put it in another place for someone else to find so it could be passed along in an endless cycle. If they weren’t interested, they could leave it were they found it and let someone else find it. I think it’s a great plan to get your book, and your message, circulating in my school and around my town. Of course, I’d keep one to myself though. 😉

      My Twitter handle is @connor_rushen

      Thank you! 😀

  12. First, I’d make a little tag to put on the cover, indicating that it’s free for the taking, as well as the link to mattfradd.com. Then I’d place the book behind the front copy of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition to hold accountable the first person who picks up the magazine.

    Every man in my men’s group would get a copy, and I’d pass them out when we protest in front of the local Family Video store with the adult section in back.
    @ TheJeremyDolph

  13. @MarshallIsLike My head is swirling with ideas! But one place I would put a copy is at my local library in the erotic romance section that seems to entice so many women!

  14. I live in Oxford, Ohio, which is home to Miami University. I don’t know if you’re familiar with this university, but weekend-nights are basically a free strip club uptown. With that being said, I will gladly leave this book in various places around town! I also kinda want to leave this book on somebody who’s asleep… @reubanger

  15. I love this idea! I would leave a copy of Delivered outside of the local “Adult World” shop in my area.

    My Twitter handle is: @87_celica

  16. This is an excellent tool which I think some of my peers will appreciate. I intend to leave one at least in my school library or cafeteria with a note saying basically; this is not trivial but it is a gift to you. I attend a public college with some “opposed to Christian ideals” professors and students especially in matters related to sex and I hope providentially, it will not be wasted. I do not have a twitter account but I do have a Facebook.

  17. Dear Matt, I’ve been avoiding getting a twitter, but I caved for this! @erieliz93 . I go to a Catholic college, and people tend to not talk about their deeper struggles. But this past summer one of my guy friends told me he was dealing with an addiction to pornography, and then another friend, and another. And I knew that I needed to learn about what that meant in order to understand what they’re going through and help them. While researching, I read your story, and was inspired to make a pilgrimage to the Pro cathedral in Dublin to pray before the statue of Matt Talbot while on a school trip to Ireland last August. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life, and that of one of these friends, who was also on the trip. Since then, I’m happy to say he and several others have improved drastically, and are starting to reach out to others. They have to fight every day, but they are staying strong and I’m so proud of them! I would give them a copy to give away to another person who needs it, and also leave one in the library of the adoration chapel in town, and one in the chapel on campus. Thank you so much for all the work you do!

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