8 Beautiful Advent Songs to Remind You It’s Not Yet Christmas

Adventskranz 3. Advent

Yep, Christmas carols have begun already—and that’s cool! I’m not one of these Catholics that won’t allow Christmas songs until it’ Christmas, but, but, it’s not yet Christmas. It’s Advent. SO! Here are 8 BEAUTIFUL Advent songs to remind you that Christmas is not here yet.

Viva la Advent!

1. O Come O Come Emmanuel

2. O Come Divine Messiah

3. Come Thou Long Expected Jesus

4. Ave Maria

5. Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing

6. Every Valley Shall Be Exalted

7. Hark! A Thrilling Voice is Sounding

8. Veni Veni Emmanuel (Latin version)

11 thoughts on “8 Beautiful Advent Songs to Remind You It’s Not Yet Christmas

  1. Matt, this is a great post and an awesome list. I would also check out Sufjan Stevens for some additional Advent tunes. He has several Christmas albums with Advent songs on them.

  2. Wonderful ideas, Matt! Some great food for thought on how we can help our families to focus on the Lord’s second coming — Thank you! Just wondering, when do you put up your Christmas tree? Do you set it up during advent and decorate with purple and then redecorate with Christmas colours on Christmas Eve (I’m thinking with little ones that would be a lot of work doing eveyrhing twice!) Do you have a Christmas tree? Or do you do Jesse tree ornaments? Just looking for some helpful hints! 🙂 Thanks!

  3. Great list except for the medley by Elenyi which is mixing truth with error.. I was going to sing it at Church for mass tomorrow!! But in the nick of time I realized the second song “Hie to Kolob” is actually a mormon song referring to a star that has no mention in the Catholic Bible.. also they are using the word “Gods” not “God’s”.. Wish you’d replace this video for any other singular rendition of “Come thou Fount of Every Blessing”

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