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    I'm a Catholic apologist and speaker. That means I specialize in defending the Catholic faith: the existence of God; the historicity of Jesus; the truth claims of the Catholic Church.

    I hope to do it in an relatable way that will help you learn the faith and defend it with charity and confidence.

  • We destroy arguments and every proud obstacle to the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ. 2 Corinthians 10:5

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Pope Leo XIII was born in Italy March 2, 1810. The pope, credited with being the founder of Catholic social teaching, anonymously crafted Latin riddles for a Roman magazine. (CNS photo/Library of Congress) (July 22, 2014) See LEOXIII-RIDDLES July 22, 2014. Does Theology Retard One’s Ability To Do Philosophy Well?

Pope Leo XIII wrote a marvelous encyclical, Aeterni Partis, which has to do with the restoration of Christian philosophy. In it he responds to the objection that one’s commitment to theology hampers one’s ability to do philosophy well. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard people try to discredit St. Thomas Aquinas in this way: “Thomas... Read More

01702c84d5bfe1ddf578c9fe8f9d0c67 The Bedrock of the Spiritual Life

Lately I’ve been beginning my daily prayer in the following way. I imagine myself before God the Father. He asks, “who are you?” And I respond, “I am yours.” This is the foundation of the spiritual life. We are his. He loves us. Not “us” like a blob of humanity. He loves you. You! Awkward, anxious, wounded, beautiful you. But you don’t... Read More

Aug+14+Maximilian+Maria+Kolbe+3 The Very Last Letter of St. Maximilian Kolbe

On the 15th of June, 1941—just under two months from his execution—St. Maximilian Kolbe wrote the following letter to his Mother from Auschwitz. It’s the last letter preserved (by his Mother, Maria Kolbe) that came from his hand: “My dearest Mom, Towards the end of the month of May I reached the concentration camp of Auschwitz (Oswiecim) by rail convoy. Everything... Read More

CA-transgender-bathroom Responding to Transgenderism With Logic and Charity

In this article I will address the growing issue of transgenderism, give three examples of this crisis, and then conclude by suggesting three approaches to take when addressing proponents of this view. Let me begin by summing it up in a nutshell (or a tweet—the 21st century equivalent): “Men are men and women are not. Women are women and men are not” (Tweet, if you dare). Now,... Read More

Saint_Edith_Stein How Modern Neuroscience is Supporting Stein’s Account of Empathy

Edith Stein Edith Stein’s first major philosophical work, On the Problem of Empathy, raises some fascinating questions about how we know, not only that other minds exist, but that they, like me, are capable of various psychological states and experiences. Emotional States of Others   The commonsensical view is that we know how others feel based on inference: I am aware... Read More

Untitled 3 Was Jesus Just a Myth?: A Socratic Dialogue

  These dialogues aren’t meant to cover every aspect of, or every objection to, each issue discussed. There’s more that could be said, obviously. Instead, they’re meant to be a fun and intellectually stimulating introduction to Christian beliefs that can sometimes be hard to understand. Also, I’ve tried to make it a reasonably fair exchange between AJ (the atheist)... Read More

Vertical_3D_cover (2) God or Atheism: What To Do When You Can’t Decide

If you’d like my new ebook, God or Atheism: What To Do When You Can’t Decide, Click Here Every now and then, especially after I’ve given a presentation on the existence of God, I’ll encounter someone who tells me that they’re struggling to believe that God exists. They want to believe that he does, but they find the arguments for his existence equal to the... Read More

mantilla What Happened to Headcoverings at Mass?

I got an email recently, the lady writing asked, “Can you point me towards a good reference for why women are no longer required to wear a head covering during mass?” I thought I’d take the email I sent her and turn it into a blog. So, Here’s my answer. Throughout history it has been common for women to wear head-coverings. This is something which has... Read More

url_0 What You Didn’t Know About The Good Thief

St. Dismas: The Good Thief. The good thief, as he is commonly referred, is an unnamed character who appears in all four Gospels—though it’s his interaction with our Lord in the Gospel of Luke that’s made him famous. Though he’s never been officially canonized by the Church, he is believed to be a saint by virtue of Christ’s words, ““Truly,... Read More

891114_prayer_rope_komboskini_chotki_orthodox_rosary_100_knots_1_zps648828b7 3 Reasons to Start Praying the Jesus Prayer

I recently bought a Orthodox prayer rope and have started praying the Jesus Prayer. I’ve been praying it every day for about a month now and through it am discovering a new-found intimacy with our Lord. In this blog I will explain what the Jesus Prayer is and then offer 3 reasons you should consider incorporating it into your spiritual life. The Jesus Prayer (sometimes... Read More

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